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Emma Nicole

A former competitive ballroom dancer, Emma is currently studying English and education. Her love of CrossFit is only surpassed by her love of high heels, dark chocolate and red wine. Emma is currently a contributing writer to the CrossFit Games and the CrossFit Community website. If she is not watching episodes of The Bachelor she spends her time denying she watches episodes of The Bachelor.

  • The Link Between Exercise And Appetite

    If you’re a bit curious about the link between exercise and appetite, as well as everything else in between, then you...

    NEWSEmma NicoleJanuary 22, 2013
  • 7 Foods To Change Your Mood

    Not feeling so hot, hot, hot right now? Well truth is, if you’re a dedicated CrossFitter the reason for your dejected...

    DIET & NUTRITIONEmma NicoleJanuary 19, 2013
  • Exercise & Your Brain

    By now we have all come to accept and understand that exercise has countless benefits on the brain and mental health;...

    NEWSEmma NicoleJanuary 14, 2013
  • Michael’s Trip to the US for the CrossFit Media Summit You might have heard, Michael was in America earlier this month attending the 2012 CrossFit Media Summit. As he and...

    NEWSEmma NicoleDecember 26, 2012
  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas

    With John stuck 4-hours outside of Bangkok, Thailand, he has been struggling to obtain an internet connection (either that or he...

    NEWSEmma NicoleDecember 21, 2012
  • The Lifespan Of An Olympian

    A couple of weeks ago The Rx Review published an article about an app that promises to estimate your expected lifespan,...

    NEWSEmma NicoleDecember 19, 2012
  • How to Cook Paleo Pizza

    In our quest to prepare the perfect Christmas there are times where a few quick dinners come in handy in the...

    DIET & NUTRITIONEmma NicoleDecember 10, 2012
  • Running Backward Is Better Than Forward?

    We’ve all heard of barefoot running, in fact, there’s an entire shoe collection that caters to the style. In one way...

    NEWSEmma NicoleDecember 8, 2012

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