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Different Types of Exercise Bikes

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These days, people are starting to realize the importance of health and fitness in their lives. Since anything in life is rarely enjoyed with poor health and a deteriorating body, the search for the best workout has begun. Biking has stood out among others because of its overall approach and benefits to the body. Hence, the search for the best exercise bikes remains.

Bike Variety for Your Exercise Needs

If you are about to start your fitness journey or step up your workout regimen, read on to learn more about the different bikes you can use for your exercises.

Recumbent Bike

The Recumbent bike comes in a defining reclined position with a seat situated farther and closer to the floor than regular bike seats. Instead of the pedals working sideways or pushing to the side when in use, its pedals move in an up and down motion as you go, making it easier for you to execute movements.

The Good in Recumbent Bikes

This is the perfect low impact exercise bike for better back support and body alignment during exercise—ideal for people in their golden ages or those who are overweight and obese. This type lets you multitask while exercising as it is comfortable to do other things like study, watch movies, and more.

The Downside of Recumbent Bikes

Since this is ideal for low impact exercises, people who are into developing their fitness routines may find this bike boring. Apart from pedaling, you do not need to use different parts of your body to use it. This usually requires bigger space and is more expensive than other types because of the additional comfort.

Upright Bike

This type has handles higher than the adjustable seat and pedals that move up and down while in use. Its braking mechanism sets in as soon as you stop pedaling, and it usually has a screen for features like resistance adjustments.

The Good in Upright Bikes

Users love it because it is space-saving and flexible in terms of intensity and orientation during workouts. This has handles for stability and a screen that gives you essential information about your body and the bike. It is less expensive and ideal for people with varying workout intensity needs.

The Downside of Upright Bikes

Some people are not fond of upright bikes because of their hard seats and saddle. Those who have posture problems may experience pain in their back and neck after a workout. It is not ideal for those in their golden ages and overweight or obese because of its lack of stability.

Air Bike

A bike that is ideal for a person who desires to improve and add spice to your current workout routine, getting an air bike is the best way to go. An air bike is one that has a fan situated near the pedals. This gives additional resistance as you pedal, the harder the blow, the more resistance you get with every stride. Its seat arrangement is almost the same as an upright bike.

The Good in Air Bikes

The reason why people buy air bikes is that it is excellent in helping you push your limits. The resistance you get while using it is exceptional as compared to other bike types. This gives you an opportunity to exercise your entire body and will tone your body faster. This is excellent for interval and HIIT training. It is perfect for weight loss and long-term maintenance. As it is made for intense and strenuous exercises, this is built to last for a long time.

The Downside of Air Bikes

The only drawback of this type of bike is that it costs more than other kinds. It is not foldable or compact, so moving or changing its location from time to time may be a hassle.


Technology has taken biking to a whole new level. Gone are the days where you have to go outdoors to get the benefits of biking because you can now easily get the same action, intensity, and experience while staying indoors. If you are looking for a bike to jumpstart your workout routine, make sure to consider all the information mentioned above. Knowing about each type will get you a better understanding of it and will help you determine the bike that suits you best.

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