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Exercises for Quads

We all have the goal of becoming fit and healthy to enjoy more years with friends and family while maximizing all the things we worked so hard for. This is why people are starting to dive into the world of fitness. A good start would be establishing a good quad routine to help you get ahead, especially if you often engage in running, walking, or other complex workouts throughout your day. If you feel that you have the need for it, today may be your lucky day because we have excellent quad advice for you.

Effective Quad Workouts for Routines

Those who want to develop solid and stronger quads for running, walking, and doing other physical activities that require endurance, strength, and stability can try one of these practical quad exercises.


Perform a basic squat by standing with both feet at a shoulder-width distance apart with both arms resting on the side. Lower body down while pushing your hips back and engaging your core, arms reaching forward at the height of your chest. Make sure to keep spine and torso alignment straight while evenly giving your weight to both feet. As your knees press outward, slowly return to the beginning and repeat. Do ten repetitions while having a 15-second rest in between.

Barbell Front Squat

Position yourself in front of a barbell that is at about the height of your shoulders. Hold the bar at shoulder-width while positioned under it, lift your elbows until both arms are parallel to the floor. Let the weight rest on your fingertips as you stand with your feet apart, toes pointing out. This should be good to target your chest, core, and the back of your shoulders. As you transition to a squat, the tension flows through the legs while your heels take the weight. Do three repetitions for 15 to 20 minutes, noting a 1-minute rest after each.

Sissy Squat

Effectively execute this exercise by using a sissy squat machine. The first step is to lock your feet in place with the help of the adjustable support bar and pin. While making sure your thighs are in place and with proper tension, perform a squat and repeat. If you want to opt for a more challenging stance, go ahead and lean back slightly while you do the squat. This will engage your core and work on your quads better.

Step up

The key here is finding a foot-tall box that can carry your weight as you go. Start with the left foot and step onto the box. Lift your right foot from the floor and drive knees toward chest level as you maintain balance using the left leg. Make sure to be mindful of keeping your core tight and engaged as you do the movement and reverse back to the beginning position. Perform ten repetitions with a 15-second rest in between. Do for both sides.

Split Squat

This exercise is done by advancing your right foot forward and keeping your left foot back. While placing your hands on the hips, lift up onto the back of your foot’s ball. As your body lowers, ensure that you keep your torso upright and core engaged until your knees lower onto or above the ground. Straighten your legs as you lift up to starting position by pressing through your front foot. Perform ten repetitions on each side while maintaining a 15-second rest in between each move.

Reverse Lunge

Standing upright with arms on the sides, take a step back using your right leg. Engage your core as you bend both legs to give way to your right knee as it touches the ground as you transition your arms together, chest-level. To return to starting position, push through your left feet and recover. Perform ten repetitions on each side while giving a 15-second rest period in between each move.

Curtsy Lunge

Similar to the reverse lunge, stand tall with feet beneath your hips. Put arms together in front of your chest as you engage your core while raising your right foot off the floor and transitioning it into a step back to the outer part of your left foot. Be mindful, keep your core engaged, and stance upright as you make the lunge. Return to original position by driving through your feet into a reverse. Perform ten repetitions on each side while giving a 15-second time frame for rest in between each move.


Working out does not have to be complicated, nor does it need expensive equipment to show results. There is no specific time or place necessary; as long as you pick a setting and time that works for your schedule, you are good to go. These exercises can help you get stronger quads while sparing you from high expense. With proper discipline and enough determination, you will be able to achieve your goals and get excellent results in no time.

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