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5 TRX Exercises for Surfing

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Surfing is one activity that requires a great deal of strength to pull off. However, its elegance and high fun value make the sport worth it. Everyone would agree that the exotic styles through which surfers ride the waves with nothing but their surfboards and basic body movement are things of beauty. This is little wonder surfers feel unmatched excitement when they sit on the waves to ride the sunset. Of course, it is fascinating to watch, but then it is even more thrilling to be on the boards.

Experts at Wakeboard Buddy say that some exercises can enhance a surfer’s expertise and mastery of the sport. These exercises are not just for elite surfers but also for people who only want to enjoy a few minutes on a surfboard.

The truth is that you must undergo some series of training to strengthen your core if you wish to get better at surfing. This is why TRX exercises are very vital for surfers. They help improve balance, flexibility, and stability, all simultaneously. These exercises require the use of a TRX suspension trainer.

Ultimately, TRX exercises help to improve surfers’ abilities while they are tearing through the waves. The activities are, in some ways, common. However, consistency and purpose while doing them will deliver your desired results. This article will discuss some of them.


This set of exercises help build upper body strength and also effectively strengthens the core. There are different variations of push-ups that you can try to make your surfing experience more memorable. You can try wide arm push-ups, which requires that you get into a plank position with your legs and arms stretched apart. Use your arms to go down until your chest touches the floor, then come up again.

Another variation of push-up for improving your surfing skills is the diamond push-up. Some people say that this push-up type is more demanding than regular push-ups. It requires that you get your body into the plank position, but instead of spreading your arms apart, you will join your hands together to form a triangle shape on the ground. This posture will make your hands form a diamond shape as your chest comes close to the floor.

TRX Single Leg Squat

Your legs do a lot of work while surfing, just as much as your upper body. Maintaining a firm stance and strong leg movement is very important for your success in the activity. For a sufficient balance, stand facing the TRX, holding one handle in your right hand while planting your foot with the anchor point. Lower your hip and leave your right leg out as you go down. You can repeat for both sides and do as much as possible. Squats on their own is a great way to light your legs. Try a few light squats to help your calf and muscles become more assertive.


Maintain a plank position, holding one of the suspension trainer’s handle and with the other hand tucked in. After balancing in this position, slowly lower your body away from the anchor point with the hand holding the trainer and then rotate until the idle hand reaches the ground. Pull yourself back to the base position after this until the idle hand touches the suspension trainer.

TRX Push-Ups

This is not too different from the regular push-ups discussed earlier. The only difference here is that you will cradle your feet in a suspension trainer. TRX push-ups allow your feet to gain more power while your core and upper body feel the burn. The hips are also part of the burning process, as you will need to pop back up every time with the cradles adding more weight and pressure.

TRX Abducted Lunge

The lunge improves flexibility and strength in the thighs and legs. It focuses on the back, hip, legs, and thighs to give the surfer a complete work. Regular TFX abducted lunge reps will undoubtedly impact significantly on your surfing experience.


Ideally, each exercise should be done for 60 seconds, with 30 seconds break. It also needs s to be consistent with surfers coding them two to four times weekly. For optimum results, surfers need to focus on every side of their hands, legs, thighs, hips, and other body parts.

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