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Staying Coronavirus Free While CrossFitting  

Keeping fit during the Coronavirus pandemic can be difficult for many people across the world.

For some, gyms have been shut down and out of reach. While for the lucky ones who can still access their CrossFit box, fears still linger about catching the deadly virus from fellow members or coaches.

However, there are many simple things we can all do to ensure we stay coronavirus free while training over the coming months.

Here is a look at some easy ways to achieve this:


Sometimes the most effective things are the simplest. And this is now exception. Sanitising your hands is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of COVID-19. Every time you enter the gym, simply sanitize your hands. And at the end of each class, wipe down your equipment and workout area, and also do your bit to make sure others are doing the same!

Wear a mask

Admittedly masks were a bit freaky at the start of the year, but they are now becoming the new norm for people in some areas of the world. Not only do masks reduce the chance of the virus spreading, but they also reduce the risk of you catching any disease. So wearing a mask that provides high-filtration, as well as comfort, is a great idea while moving around the gym.

There are also some really cool designer type masks available, and great new products like Hoorag compression leg sleeves that also stop the virus entering from other parts of your body while doing movements like rope climbs and deadlifts.

Cough courteously

When you feel the need to cough, ensure you cover your mouth and do so in an area far away from others. We know sometimes you have little time to react when you feel a cough coming on, but at least try to cough into your arm or shoulder area to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

coronavirus free crossfit

coronavirus free crossfit
coronavirus free crossfit

Social distance

Keeping your distance from other people dramatically reduces the chance of you catching the disease and/or passing it onto someone else.

Most CrossFit gyms now have restrictions on how many members can train in each class, so that should help reduce numbers inside at any given time. But also do your bit to socially distance and try to keep a large distance between other people while training and working out.

Spread the world, not the virus!

Do your bit to encourage others to practice measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. If you see someone leave without wiping down their area, let them know. If you have a spare mask, offer it to someone. And if you are working out and feel like you are too close to others around you, come back to a quieter class. The more we work together to stop the spread the more chance we have in overcoming it.

Remember, if you have any major concerns about the coronavirus, just speak to your box owner.

Come up with a plan together that will reduce the chance of the virus spreading and also allow you to keep fit and enjoy training while we continue to all try to be Coronavirus free!

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