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Why Is Stretching Such An Important Part Of Fitness?

GIRD Stretch Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficiency Stretch

Before we can jog a single step, operate any gym equipment or take part in any sporting activity, we must go through the motions to stretch out all appropriate muscles.

It can seem time-consuming and mundane at times, especially when we are motivated to rip in and get moving. 

But skipping the stretching routine is highly detrimental to your overall fitness; here are some of the reasons why you should commit yourself to your pre-workout routine just as hard as the exercise itself.

Stretching Gives You Full Range of Motion

We know that stretching will warm up our muscles by getting the blood flowing to all of our extremities. But the benefits run deeper than that.

Research has shown that limbering up before exercise will improve your flexibility and range of motion in your joints, which will deliver performance boosts.

It Prevents Injuries

Getting hurt while exercising or competing is the worst possible outcome. Depending on the severity, you could be sidelined for days, weeks or even months. That is time spent away from the gym and exercise routines that will set your fitness back considerably.

Exploding into a full workout, sprint or sporting activity without properly stretching first is a recipe for disaster. Your pre-workout routine will warm the muscles up, elongate them, and get them prepared for the task at hand.

When your muscles are cold, they will shorten and become tight. If you call on them to go from this contracted state to full stretch immediately, you run the risk of painful rips and tears. 

You Will Decrease Post-Workout Pain

The evidence of a tear might not be immediately felt. If you exercise, work out or play sport without extending your muscles, you may experience minor tears that feel like the usual pain associated with giving it your all.

Days later is when you will get onset muscle soreness. And any tears or strains in your muscles will become very pronounced. Avoiding these tears means less pain in recovery and the ability to bounce back faster.

It Gets You In The Right Frame Of Mind

Once your pre-workout routine is complete, you will notice that you are highly motivated in body and mind, ready to attack your workout or sporting event.

This is no accident; it is science. It has been proven that stretching releases endorphins which assist in pain relief, mood improvement, stress relief and tension. 

All of those nasty things that could have followed you from home or the office will be set free, and you will get yourself in the correct zone to give it your all.

Stretching Properly Is Essential

Your technique in your pre-workout needs to be just as refined as your technique when you are using gym equipment, or you should be doing more harm than good.

There are some fantastic ways to limber up your entire body at once, like jumping jacks, light jogging and lunges. When you target specific muscles or muscle groups, you need to perform these stretches with perfect technique. The only thing worse than a muscle tear during your workout is sustaining an injury while getting ready to work out.

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