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Yoga Pose of the Week – Child’s Pose Side Stretch

childs pose side stretch yoga pose

Yes, the Child’s Pose!

Well, actually it’s Child’s Pose Side Stretch, the more intense cousin of Child’s Pose. It may not be as relaxing but the stretch through your lats and obliques makes the trade well worth it. To get the most out of this pose you have to think about length and about reaching. If you just walk your hands to the side you’ll miss out on stretching the muscles in charge of most of your pulling movements.

Muscles Stretched

Latissimus Dorsi


Internal/External Obliques

Quadratus Lumborum

Erector Spinae

Alignment and Execution Tips

Start on your shins with your toes together and untucked. Knees should be wider than your torso.

Walk your hands forward and allow your forehead to rest on the mat (if it doesn’t, use a block or plate).

Walk your hands over to the left. Place your right palm on top of your left hand.

Press down with your right palm while lengthening the right side of your body and extending your outer right hip back.

Breathe here for up to two minutes, then walk the hands over to the other side and repeat.


Stretches the accessory muscles between the ribs

Opens the chest and the shoulders

Elongates side body and stretches low back and outer hips

WOD Movements

Muscle Ups

Pull Ups

Toes to Bar

Handstands and handstand walks

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