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Why do so Many Athletes Use Taboo Supplements in 2021?

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There has been an increasing number of professional, and nonprofessional athletes, consuming cannabis products like CBD oil for several reasons in recent years. In the past, cannabis and fitness didn’t have a strong relationship, but due to plenty of research carried out over the last couple of decades, more and more people who train realize that there are plenty of benefits when consuming CBD products. 

With Canada legalizing the sale of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use, and with lots of states in America following in their footsteps, weed has become readily available in a lot of areas around the world. Athletes no longer have to purchase the substance on the black market. The stigma surrounding the controversial plant is gradually fading into a cloud.

Although a lot of athletes will get banned from competitions if marijuana is found in their bloodstream, some sports organizers understand that many people involved in sports use the substance for medicinal purposes. There are plenty of well-known athletes out there who advocate the legalization of the drug. Being a professional athlete is not easy, and they are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance. 

Here are some of the reasons why so many athletes are using cannabis products:

Less Harmful Than Painkillers

Most athletes, especially those who have been performing for several years often suffer from chronic pain. Trying to find solutions to decrease the level of pain isn’t always easy, and most people end up taking painkillers. Some pain killers, especially opioids can be extremely addictive and can produce strong side effects. Most athletes take these medicines as a last resort. 

Plenty of people around the globe have been consuming CBD products to reduce chronic pain. Cannabis has completely changed many people’s lives for the better. Trying to get on with your normal daily chores can prove almost impossible if you are suffering from chronic pain, so training as a professional or nonprofessional athlete seems almost impossible when experiencing these feelings. 

The opioid problem in countries around the world is scary, and hospitals are often full to the brim with patients who have suffered from overdoses and other opioid-related issues. A lot of these patients began their drug addiction after they were prescribed strong painkillers to help reduce chronic pain. A lot of these patients would have sustained injuries while playing sports, and many believe they should be prescribed cannabis instead of these dangerous opioids. 

Cannabis can Help Athletes Sleep at Night

Every athlete knows the importance of having a good night’s sleep. Here are some of the reasons why an athlete must get a night of good quality sleep each night:

  • Sleep gives the heart a much-needed rest: Both athletes and non-athletes need to give their hearts a rest every day. While you sleep at night, your heart rate will change and so will your breathing which can help promote cardiovascular health. 
  • Sleep is needed to prevent illnesses and it can also help you recover from an illness.
  • Muscle gain: To increase your muscle mass, sleeping is important.
  • Exhaustion: Athletes who are sleep deprived tend to exhaust a lot quicker. 
  • Reaction time: In a lot of sports, reaction time is very important. A lack of sleep can decrease an athlete’s reaction time. 
  • Injury: If an athlete is recovering from an injury, sleep is key. Chronic lack of sleep can also increase the chances of sustaining an injury.

These are just a few of the many physical reasons why sleep is important. However, the problem a lot of athletes face is not being able to sleep at night. Although most doctors recommend they take sleeping tablets or other strong medicines, similar to opioids, a lot of these drugs can prove extremely dangerous and addictive. There are lots of cannabis stores like this dispensary in Toronto that stock strong Indica cannabis that helps people sleep better at night.

It Helps to reduce Anxiety

Sometimes when we look at professional athletes, we often think that they are living the dream. At the end of the day, they get paid to take part in a sport that they love to play. However, you must keep in mind that they are only human at the end of the day. 

Think about it, have you ever suffered feelings of anxiety? A lot of people can’t handle the pressure if they had to give a speech in front of 15 people. So you can imagine how an athlete feels before performing in front of thousands of spectators. The whole ordeal can prove extremely stressful and it can easily cause anxiety. Luckily, CBD can help reduce both stress and anxiety levels. There are plenty of different strains available online that can help with anxiety, so visit this online dispensary for more information

Cannabis can help Athletes Focus

Any of the world’s top athletes can focus on their goals easily. However, not everyone can focus on their goals like the elite sportspeople of this world. For some people, consuming cannabis helps them focus. Those who are easily distracted, especially while working out in the gym or while they are training, find it hard to shut out distractions around them. To help them focus solely on what they are doing, cannabis products sometimes help. CBD can help them get through a tense workout session or a stressful day of training. 

What are the Downsides of using Cannabis? 

Unfortunately, cannabis is not always the best solution for athletes. One of the main issues is that a lot of sports will ban athletes from competitions if traces of the substance is found in their system. Some sports will even give athletes a lifetime ban. However, this seems to be changing in a lot of sporting organizations recently. And it is expected that many will lift their strong anti-marijuana policies in the coming years. 

Weight gain is another issue that some athletes find when consuming weed products. Pot is known worldwide to increase a person’s appetite, and many athletes need to maintain healthy body weight. Some people struggle to contain themselves after consuming cannabis, and it often leads to binge eating. Athletes are told to avoid greasy food and sugary snacks. So if they can’t control themselves while stoned, perhaps they should avoid using cannabis altogether. 

Experts claim that one in every ten people suffers from addiction, and just like any other drug, people can get addicted to cannabis. Although most people believe it is not as harmful as alcohol or even tobacco, relying on cannabis is not a nice situation to be in, especially if you are a professional athlete. 


In the past, the stereotypical stoner was someone who hung around the house, eating unhealthy snacks and playing video games morning, noon and night. Nowadays, people from all different walks of life consume cannabis products for several different reasons. More and more athletes are using it to help them improve their performance and help with their recovery. Many people predict that in the coming years most athletes will be using the substance and that more sports will allow competitors to consume cannabis products. Although it is highly unlikely we will be seeing the world’s best athletes smoking fat joints anytime soon, don’t be too surprised if you notice them being open about taking CBD products.

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