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7 Reasons People Enjoy Learning Martial Arts

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The history of martial arts as a concept is traced from the past to its emergence as a popular competitive sport in modern society. Today, martial arts is an organized activity with a wide variety of forms and styles. Many people enjoy learning and practicing various forms of martial arts. This article lists four reasons people enjoy learning martial arts. 

Fitness Benefits

One of the primary reasons why people enjoy learning martial arts is because it is a form of exercise.  As the BJJ specialists at explain, martial arts like Brazilian Jiujitsu are an excellent way to build strength, endurance, coordination, and balance.  When practiced in its traditional format with strict training methods, martial arts has been shown to have numerous fitness benefits.

To illustrate this point, martial arts is now part of the training regimen for many organizations. The United States marines include it as part of their physical training regime. So also do many police forces around the world.  This clearly shows that practitioners can expect to burn significant calories during each session.

Spiritual Growth

Martial arts also help people to develop their spiritual side. Many students of martial arts are able to cultivate a sense of discipline, patience, and focus which is useful in all areas of life.  As they progress through the levels in martial arts, many practitioners begin to see the world differently. They become more mindful about how they react to different stimuli in their environment. This mindfulness allows them to better appreciate the world around them.

In fact, there are many organizations that teach religious forms of martial arts, such as the popular Kwan Jang Nim styles of Taekwondo from Korea and Aikido from Japan. In addition, many martial artists also believe in a higher power which they refer to as “The Undefeated Mind” which is useful in building mental strength.

A Social Networking Tool

Martial arts also provide people with an excellent networking tool.  Many schools have a “get to know you/go out on the town” night where students are encouraged to meet each other and build friendships before actually starting their training. This practice is very important because it helps the students to develop a sense of community, which is often felt lacking in their lives.

In addition, martial arts practitioners from different organizations are often encouraged to seek out each other and interact. For example, many Brazilian Jiujitsu players make a point of interacting with Judo specialists during sports events such as the World Judo Championships and the Olympic Games. This provides a good opportunity to share experience and knowledge with different practitioners from other organizations.

Friendships often develop naturally because different martial arts organizations usually share many similarities. For instance, many Brazilian Jiujitsu players also enjoy mixed martial arts competitions such as the UFC or Pride Fighting Championships. This makes it easy for practitioners to identify with each other and socialize. Furthermore, getting a sponsor of MMA hoodies online can also widen your network of people and benefit you in terms of MMA gear and apparel.

Better Mental Health

Another reason why people enjoy learning martial arts is that it has been shown to provide a boost in their mental health. In fact, many mental health professionals recommend martial arts as part of a comprehensive package for improving one’s condition.  The meditative focus required during each session has a positive impact on the way people work through mental challenges. It turns out that martial arts benefit the brain by increasing its capacity for complex thought and self-awareness.

So, it has been noted that many practitioners have a decreased propensity towards angry or violent behavior after training in martial arts. This is because they have a better understanding of their environment and how to control themselves when excited or agitated.


One of the best reasons why people enjoy learning martial arts has to do with its momentum.  Many practitioners are able to take their skills into different areas of life, such as business. For instance, many managers have used martial arts to achieve high-performance levels in their organizations because it honors the principles of good leadership while encouraging teamwork. It has been proven that the martial arts mindset is a good way to activate one’s potential and maximize his or her output as an individual as well as a member of a group.

In addition, many institutions have been inspired by the principles of martial arts. For instance, The Black Belt Principle was created based on this concept because it recognizes the hard work put in by dedicated professionals. This system awards people with a different color belt depending on their years of service, giving them access to better benefits and higher levels of recognition for their commitment to the organization.

To illustrate, a lawyer who has been working for the same firm for 20 years will receive a Black Belt and be treated with more respect than a newly hired attorney. This principle can also be applied to other professional fields such as teaching, science, business, etc. The way martial arts encourage the formation of good habits makes it an excellent model for such applications.


What comes to mind when thinking about martial arts? Self-defense is a pretty accurate answer in the majority of cases, and it’s one of the best reasons why people enjoy learning this form of self-expression.

In fact, many women have started practicing martial arts for their own security purposes because they tend to be targeted by criminals more often than men.

For instance, The Knockout Game is a trend where criminals attack innocent bystanders with the intent to render them unconscious using surprise attacks or hidden weapons. It has been reported that many of the victims are women. So women have gained martial arts skills as well as physical strength to defend themselves against aggressors. To illustrate, Brazilian Jiujitsu is a form of martial arts that focuses on grappling and ground fighting, which allows the practitioner to defend himself or herself against multiple attackers.

The Instructors

The instructors are another reason why people enjoy learning martial arts because they contribute significantly towards making it enjoyable for all members. These professionals usually go through strict training in order to learn their craft. For instance, traditional instructors must go to other institutions for advanced training.

Without a doubt, the best way to learn martial arts is by attending lessons at an established institution with highly trained teachers who are experts in this field. Such instructors know how to strike the perfect balance between discipline and fun so that students enjoy themselves yet achieve impressive results. In addition, many institutions have instructors from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds so as to expose students to a variety of cultures through martial arts.


In conclusion, people enjoy learning martial arts for many good reasons. Whether you’re interested in weight loss, self-defense, friendship, or mental health, the benefits are worth exploring. If you choose to start training today, remember that it takes time to develop expertise, so be patient with yourself along the way. Keep working at it, and soon you’ll begin to see improvements in your life too.

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