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UFC Primetime Episode 1 & 2

UFC 154 takes place this weekend the 17th November, in Montréal, Québec. The main event will feature the Interim Welterweight Champion, Carlos Condit against the UFC’s biggest drawcard and former champion, Georges St-Pierre or GSP as he is better know.

GSP has not lost a fight since April 2007 but has been sidelined for the last year due to a torn ACL. If he wins on Saturday, it will be his 9th straight victory in the UFC.

Two episodes of UFC Primetime have now been uploaded to YouTube. Each episode gives a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of each fighter. It details their family, daily routines but most importantly their rigorous training regime.

I always find it vastly intriguing what type of training elite level professional fighters like this use.

You can check out both episodes below.

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