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Product Highlight: WODGrips Hand Straps

We all how know often you can tear your hands during a WOD. Some people cut and sand their callouses, others use tape or wear gloves to prevent the all too common stigmata hands.

I generally use and recommend gloves to prevent tears, but I’ll admit gloves are a straight up hassle or can’t be used, especially if you have a WOD where a hookgrip is required such as a heavy deadlift, snatch or clean and jerk.

In the past I’ve used gymnastic grips from Again Faster that worked great but I lost those awhile back. So I was excited to test the straps that WODGrips offered.

I’ve only used WODGrips for a few session but I’ve tested them in exercises from pull-ups, pushups, kettlebell swings, light snatches, rowing on the C2 and so far they have held up well. At $27.99 they are certainly worth a look.


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