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Low Motivation in Students: The Most Common Contributors

Compared to ancient times, education has evolved. As it becomes more practical, it has both pros and cons. Students still need to be on their toes in the competitive world to stand out. Every student is unique, but they must sharpen their skills from time to time to be effective. However, this may not always be the case due to low motivation.

While facing academic difficulties, many students require additional motivation and support. There is good news, however: you no longer need to worry, as this post can help you with your cause. Various factors can contribute to this demotivation. Here is a detailed explanation of these reasons.

Tackling a Challenging Subject

Children may find certain subjects challenging for several reasons. It may be due to a weakness in a specific area or a knowledge gap, or it may be due to a lack of resources, time, or practice. A failure to succeed repeatedly in a subject may ultimately result in a negative association with the issue and no motivation to study. 

Identifying what is causing a child to struggle is essential to provide the best solution. Fortunately, online study tools, such as these cell biology answers, can help students tackle challenging subjects more easily. 

A Dull Teaching Method

Planning classes to address a child’s learning preferences and needs take time. Despite being adequately qualified and starting their careers with students’ best interests in mind, many teachers do not put in the time and effort necessary to make their classes engaging for everyone due to stress, overburdening, burnout, low morale, or other reasons.

It may result in a dry and dull teaching style. Consequently, students become less motivated and lose interest. Unfortunately, parents cannot always influence public education. They can, however, explore alternatives, such as extracurricular classes that encourage hands-on learning and other learning strategies that address their children’s needs and interests.


A major demotivator for students is comparing themselves to others. Despite their efforts, they compare themselves to others when they see better results. It may also come from others, such as parents, friends, or relatives. They always tell themselves that if they can do it, why can’t they too? These phrases, like ‘Look at her; she is graceful.’, etc., can demotivate.

The caliber of every student is unique, so no one should compare them with another. It would help to curtail self-comparison to others and explain. A comparison habit can be a vicious one. Constant comparisons between students can lead to students losing interest in their fields. As a result, they need a lot of help to get back on track.

Poor Learning Environment

The comfort level and safety of the learning environment are also essential factors. You must get all the supplies they need, have enough light, and be warm and fed.

Students may also lack the motivation to study because of relationships with other children, bullying, or conflicts with their teachers. Parents must communicate with them and ask about school conditions to stay informed about their children’s well-being.

Laziness and Pampering

Many students do not achieve great success despite being able to do so due to laziness and pampering. The availability of everything in hand makes them lazy. A wise person once said, ‘don’t give your children what you didn’t have, but teach them what you didn’t know.

Inculcating laziness in students through pampering causes them to lose motivation. If your child seems lazy, regardless of whether you pamper them, you should try all possible methods to motivate him. Suitable attention can help you change or amend your lazy habits.


There are many more things on children’s plates today than decades ago. According to a study, elementary school children get more homework than education leaders recommend. It can even be three times more. Stress and burnout can develop if children have a large school load and too many extracurricular activities.

It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that children accomplish their schoolwork without being overburdened. It’s best to provide them with enough time to play and relax. They need adequate sleep and play to develop optimally.


Losing motivation is a terrible thing. When students lose motivation, they are not only less likely to study or succeed, but they also behave differently. It affects essential habits like eating, sleeping, and socializing.

A student’s motivation plays a vital role in their growth. Be a motivating parent, partner, friend, or simply yourself. Using the right words and being motivational will significantly impact the other person’s life.

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