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Going Vegan: Reasons to do so and Tips to Make the Transition Smoother

Vegan Diet

Maybe this is an idea that has been in your head for a while now. Maybe you have tried to transition a couple of times, but end up going three steps back. Or maybe you don’t know where to start. In any case, deep inside, you think this is something you should or want to do, right? Well, this article is for you then.

Growing up in a vegan family is easy. That is what you’re taught, thinking about it is not necessary. But transitioning to veganism as an adult may be hard. There is a lot of misinformation, myths swirling around the vegan world and there’s a general belief that the process is almost impossible to accomplish. But it is actually quite the opposite. Not only is it possible, it is easier than you may think. Keep reading to find out how to

Discrediting the myths

Vegan food is impossible to make

This must be the number one reason people give up going vegan. People think vegan meals are hard to get and make. But let’s look into that for a minute.

Nowadays, vegan food is most accessible. Even if there are special food stores that sell vegan products exclusively, the truth is the big markets are now packed with options. Learning which products are worth it or how to use them is just as easy as learning how to cook in general. If you have done that once, why not do so again?

Moreover, nowadays you can easily find the vegan version of a traditional non-vegan dish. Replacements are better and better every day and the resemblance in texture and flavor is remarkable. Are you a bit skeptical that a meatloaf vegan-style could do the trick? Just give it a try!

Vegan food is much more expensive

This is simply not true. What is true is that any diet, vegan or not, that is not planned and organized is more expensive. The secret to going vegan (or creating any new habit for that matter) is just organization. If you don’t take the time to sit down, look ahead into your week and plan your meals and what you will need, you will end up going to the groceries store every day which will, in turn, make you spend more money, not to mention you will probably end up eating the same three things all the time.

Vegan food requires supplements

This might be true of any particular diet and that doesn’t necessarily have to do with what you’re eating, but with how your body acts and reacts. Any healthy food plan should be overlooked by a nutrition professional and you should still run annual check-ups. Remember the transition cannot happen overnight and your body will get used to the changes.

However, if you’re seriously thinking of going vegan, you should become more aware of what your health status is and visit a professional if you deem it necessary. We can definitely benefit from having the doctor’s approval on any big changes in our diet.

The secret to succeed

Realistic expectations

Rome wasn’t built in one day, neither are your own habits. Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle can only be achieved by setting realistic goals for yourself. Keep it smart and simple. This will help you feel satisfied with the smaller steps that will, eventually, become a new you altogether. Do not rush it, embrace the process and allow yourself to go slow and make mistakes. You are, ultimately, learning how to live a new lifestyle.

Organization and planning skills

Work on these two things and you’ll notice how even the small changes are big and powerful. Make notes on what you want to achieve, what your experience is like. Give new things a try and register what you like or don’t like. Use these notes to reflect on your experience. Eventually, you will become more and more organized in your shopping and your cooking.

Honest help

If you don’t live alone and the meal preparation includes more people, you will need to have the talk. Whether they choose to join the journey or not, your loved ones can be of great help and a necessary source of support. And of course, if they join, they could make the transition easier and more fun.

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