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Battle Belly Bloat with The Right Food!

FruitsVeg right food

When you watch what you eat in an effort to lose weight and get trimmer, it is an absolute bummer when even a day of falling off the wagon brings on the bloat around your midsection. We can’t be expected to survive exclusively on kale and green tea, there will be days when we need a burger, fries, and a tall drink. Luckily there are some incredible super foods that help burn belly fat and get rid of the bloat.


Fruit is often made out to be the bad guy, especially with the rising popularity of high protein and keto diets. However, fructose does not encourage belly bloat the way sucrose does. Berries are a great whole food as they contain a chock load of vitamin C and fibre. The fibre in the berries reduces belly bloat and regulates the insulin response.

MCT and Coconut Oil

There was once a time where people were scared of all kinds of fat. While fat was historically thought to be the villain in every weight loss story, thanks to keto, Mediterranean, and other high fat diets, we now know fat is not as bad as all that. Coconut and MCT oils are great since not only do they not impact the blood lipid levels in an adverse manner, they can also help reduce stomach fat. As farfetched as it may sound, this is actually true. Coconut Oil contains medium chain triglycerides which are easily metabolized and thus not stored as adipose around the gut.


Artichokes are a super food in that they have prebiotic properties. Prebiotic foods produce acetate when digested and acetate not only enhances the fat burning function of your cells, but also help your body recover from inflammation and bloating. Other vegetables that work in a similar manner include onions, asparagus, and leeks.


Red and Green chillies of different varieties all contain varying amounts of a compound called capsaicin. Capsaicin helps decrease food intake as it helps satiety and makes you feel fuller for longer. It also promotes fat burning and reduces bloating. You can consume capsaicin by sprinkling cayenne pepper over your meals or in beverages. Or adding them to your marinades, soups, and stews.


Eggs are such a versatile and balanced food that they should be a food group on their own. An egg breakfast is superior to any another similar calorie breakfast. Eggs are high in protein and also keep you feeling full for longer so it prevents overeating.


Nuts are a great weight loss support food. While nuts are high in calories per gram, they are a good snack food when you are trying to manage your weight. This is because nuts increase the feeling of satiety, and cause you to eat less overall. Nuts also increase your resting metabolism which is helpful in flushing out any bloating.


Some foods have the quality to soak up some vitamin D from the sun. If you are unable to obtain the requisite vitamin D from actual sunlight, it is important to up your vitamin D intake from food. Low levels of vitamin D may cause abdominal fat. Mushrooms that have been grown in UV light can be a great substitute and can be consumed to help keep the belly at bay.


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