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The Health Benefits of Eggs


The Incredible Egg

As promised I give you part two of the egg series. In case you missed the article yesterday, this is the second of a two part series that attempts to restore the golden status of eggs. Part one addresses the wounded reputation of eggs in recent times and counters the theory that egg consumption has a negative impact on heart health (with some scientific evidence of course).

So today it is time to turn the publicity around and shed light on some of the reasons why our primitive people would be eager for eggs!

Behold Part Two of the Egg series: The Incredible Egg

Without further adieu I bring you a few added incentives of egg consumption that will have your body singing and your blood roaming free (as we saw yesterday)!

The perfect Paleo snack: It has been known for centuries that eggs are an invaluable and inexpensive source of protein, with a single egg offering 6.3 grams of protein for a mere 68 calories it seems like a bargain not even the Black Friday sale can beat! Eggs will ensure the waist stays slim but the wallet stays full (just the way we like it)!

Hungry eyes: Your eyes are hungry for eggs. The Journal of Nutrition recently released two new studies that confirmed long held beliefs that a daily egg could reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration in later life. Egg yolk can take credit for warding off the disease because it was found to be a densely, rich source of vision-protective carotenoids. So in essence, eating an egg a day means you can enjoy good eyes for years to come, and you won’t find yourself reading the Sunday paper at arms length.


The Golden Egg

Curbs the appetite: In our pre-Paleo days we’ve all probably had the experience of indulging in starches, sugars and high GI foods only to find an hour later that we’re foraging through the fridge in an effort to satisfy the beast lurking within. Well unlike other snacks that stand before them eggs have been known to keep hunger at bay. According to the satiety index eggs are twice as likely to satisfy the appetite for a longer duration than that of bread and muesli. So if weight loss is on your agenda post Christmas then eggs should find a permanent place on your plate.

Mends the muscles: As well as their superior hunger fighting powers, eggs help repair torn and overworked muscles. These pint sized spheroids hold powerful bursts of amino acids that assist in the easy absorption of protein. Protein is paramount in repairing damaged muscles, cells and just about everything else  in the human body, making them the most suitable post workout meal.

The anti-inflammatory egg: This benefit is perhaps the most fitting for the Paleo/CrossFit world. One unexpected health benefit of the incredible egg is the source of choline it contains. One egg harbours around 113 mg of choline, a fat-modifying vitamin that is found in every cell of the human body.  As well reducing fatty tissue in vital organs, choline reduces inflammation in the body. In a study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition it was discovered that people who consumed significantly high amounts of choline had 20% lower levels of inflammation than those who consumed significantly low amounts of the vitamin. Eggs are among the healthiest foods in the world that are rich in choline.

At the conclusion of this two-part series it seems like eggs should be thought of as the little gems of the edible world and not the food villain it’s made out to be.

The egg is a nutrient powerhouse that comes wrapped in its own packaging packed with vitamins, protein and choline all of which work to keep the body moving as nature had intended.


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