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Your Definitive 2020 Skincare Guide

crossfit hand tear skincare guide

CrossFit hand tears are a common issue you may want to prevent and treat

Women will always invest in skincare products, but the methods used to make them may change over time. These changes are usually caused by new scientific discoveries, although a few will result from new random trends. In 2020, there are a few things you need to consider when shopping for your skin products. In this guide, we will cover some of these things.

  1. Go for Alkaline Products

Alkaline skincare used to be popular before the 1970s, but neutral products quickly took over the market. This has been the case until a few years ago, when brands like Sond Skin started selling alkaline products. These products have a few advantages over regular products, which have dominated the market for a long time.

Alkaline products, and medical wholesale supplies, have been noted to improve the pH balance of the skin. Since the skin is naturally acidic, it continually tries to raise the pH to keep it constant. This is done by drawing basic elements from other parts of the body, and excretion of acidic elements also helps to balance the pH. With alkaline products, the pH will be balanced to become closer to the 5.5 natural level.

  1. Go Organic

The move towards organic products has been going on for a few years now, and it has touched many different industries. There are clear reasons why organic skincare from Sond are better for your skin compared to the processed types.

Organic products will help to reduce skin irritation, and people with sensitive skin will be most appreciative of this fact. Skincare for sensitive skin has to be approached carefully. Go through the list of ingredients and see whether any non-natural products have been added. In fact, you can even use raw ingredients and home-made products to take care of your sensitive skin. Some of these products can be accessed at Sond Skin, and they are specifically developed for people with skin conditions like eczema.

  1. Check the Active Ingredients

The active ingredient is what treats your primary skin concerns. For example, if you are trying to eliminate signs of ageing, you can check for active ingredients that control this particular problem. Scientific studies have been able to show how effective the different ingredients are. You can start by checking the professional reports on the ingredients, then try out the different products containing the ingredients. As you may have realised from past experiences, similar products can show different results on people with different skin types. Try them out and settle for one which suits your skin type.


As a woman, you have to observe what you apply to your skin. In 2020, there are a few things you have to check before making your purchase of skin products. Make sure you go for natural and organic products since these will not irritate your skin. Also, check the pH of the skincare products and ensure that they are slightly alkaline. These ones will help to balance the pH of your skin. It is equally essential to research the active ingredients which can suit your skin type and skin condition.

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