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Top 4 Ways to Cure Your Acute Sports Injuries

crossfit injury Acute Sports Injuries

We all, at some level, need to understand and realize how painful sports injuries can be in real life. Not only is there the acute pain of when you first suffer the injury, but there is also the ongoing pain and discomfort it can cause you while trying to overcome it.

Here are four ways to deal with your chronic and acute sports injuries to help you get back in the CrossFit gym or sports park ASAP:

The PRICE Approach

The treatment of acute sports injuries varies based on the severity of the case. Initially, it is difficult to access the reaction of injury because of swelling in the affected area. Therefore, it is suggested to wait for a while before you attempt to notice any visible damage. Let the things settle down to find out the best possible testament for your sports injury. The wounded sportsmen are able to explain better the level of pain they feel once they are calmed down.

The PRICE method is well-suited to gently soothe the discomfort you tend to experience because of minor acute sports injuries. This method is:

P= try to protect the wounded area from any further injuries by providing a support

R= rest the injury for a while

I= apply the ice on your injury after every 20 minutes to 60 minutes

C= you can compress the injured area by wrapping it with the ice bandage

E= tend to elevate the injury above the heart level to decrease the level of your blood flow and decline the inflammation.


Consulting a trustworthy physiotherapist is a decent idea to recover from acute sports injuries. The field expert offers a specialized range of treatments such as massages, muscle exercises, and manipulation to help you deal with chronic pain issues. The aim of these consultations is to improve your motion, strengthen the affected muscles, and normal functioning of your physical body parts. A good physio should be able to carefully examine the status of your acute injuries and develop a detailed exercise program to help cure the affected body part.

Corticosteroid Injections

The corticosteroid injection is another useful method to treat your acute sports injury. This injection is only recommended when you are facing severe and persistent inflammation of the affected body part. It helps you relieve pain that can last for a longer period. If needed, the treatment of corticosteroid injections can be repeated, but after the consultation of your doctor. You can go only for 2 to 3 injections during a period of 12 months. However, there are certain side effects associated with the corticosteroid injections procedure. They are loss of fat, thinning of the skin, and chronic infections. Therefore, it is wise to consult your doctor so he can better explain the probable side effects of this procedure.

Cannabis Drug

While it’s a bit taboo right now, cannabis treatment has had some good results in recent times. In the contemporary medical industry, the different variations of weed have many potential benefits to treat your acute sports injuries. Cannabis is an effective medicine for such patients that cannot tolerate or respond to other medicines. The component THC and CBD are quite helpful in curing chronic pain issues caused by sports injuries. Sativa weed provides energy and reduces anxiety when an athlete is feeling down because of his injury. Indica weed also offers intensely relaxing effects when an athlete is feeling nausea or fatigue.

Remember – as it the case with all injuries, be patient. You should not expected to overcome your issues overnight. You need to be prepared to disciplined and remain mentally tough while overcoming injuries.

Good luck!

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