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Things To Keep In Mind Before Trying The Keto Diet

keto diet

There are different reasons why people decide to be on a diet. Some choose to adopt a specific diet method based on their physician/nutritionist recommendation. Or because the profession they operate requires them to maintain a particular body shape. A good example is a lady who is into modeling. You don’t expect her to feast on junk food because doing so can affect the body shape designed for her job.

What is a Keto diet?

When it comes to low-carb dieting, eating meals high on fat, your best bet is a keto diet. It substantially reduces the starch or carbohydrate intake into the body system and replaces it with fat. The process of reducing the rate of Carb enables the body to go into a metabolic state that’s called ketosis. When the body gets to this level, it transforms the fat into ketones in the liver. Which supply energy to the brain.

Advantages of embracing a Keto diet

There has been a decade long controversies among physicians and nutritionist as to the benefits of embracing Keto dieting method. Some of the argument against this form of dieting is that it decreases the level of carbohydrate in the body. Still, it increases the level of cholesterol on the other hand and some nutritionists believe that too much cholesterol in the body is the primary cause of heart-related diseases.

On the other hand, research has also shown that when the body is on a low-carb diet, it reduces blood sugar levels, leading to lower blood pressure. Thus, more people are switching and choosing keto supplements.

  • It reduces your appetite 

If you are to take a general survey on why many people choose not to be on any diet, you will be amazed by their response. Sincerely speaking, everyone knows the importance of dieting to their health. But you will be surprised that the main reason why they skip or break the rule of dieting procedure they engage in is because of hunger. That sounds surprising, right? Of course, it does. Hunger is mainly responsible. 

The moment they begin any form of dieting, they endure for a while, but when the stomach starts to crave food, they tend to give in to that urge. The professionals at say that when you go on low-carb dieting, one thing you will notice is that your appetite level begins to drop over time. Studies have consistently shown that people who cut their carb levels and eat more protein and fat have ended up eating far fewer calories than people who do otherwise.

  • Increases the level of good HDL cholesterol 

Another name for high-density lipoprotein is ‘good cholesterol’. You must understand that your body system contains both high-density lipoprotein and low-density lipoprotein. The higher the HDL level compared with the level of LDL will determine your exposure to heart diseases. A keto diet contains more fat, an essential ingredient for increasing HDL volume in your body system. 

  • Reduction in blood sugar and insulin level

No doubt, diabetics is one of the leading causes of death around the world. When you go through statistical data released by the World Health Organization, it indicated that diabetes alone is single-handedly responsible for the cause of death of 1.6 million people worldwide. That’s why those affected by people with diabetes should often place themselves on a Keto diet. Because it has been scientifically proven that a low carb diet reduces both sugar and insulin levels drastically. It also represents the most effective way to contain the impact of diabetics on the body. However, depending on your bodily reaction, the moment the Keto diet is activated, there is a possibility that insulin dosage will drop at the rate of 50% immediately. 

  • May reduce blood pressure 

The human body needs delicate balance to perform efficiently or to be declared healthy. You need your blood pressure to be at a moderate position, i.e., not too high and not too low. If blood pressure is too high, it leads to diverse forms of diseases like stroke, kidney failure, and heart disease. The moment you place yourself on a Keto diet, your blood pressure begins to drop. Which should naturally reduce the chances of having heart-related diseases.

Disadvantages of Keto diet 

With all the goodies that the Keto diet offers to the body, it is also essential to bring to light some of the adverse side effects and how they can impact your body system.

  • It increases the rate of nutrient deficiencies

Don’t be surprised about this. When you reduce the rate of other nutritious groups like carbohydrates, you automatically create a disequilibrium of nutrients supply to your body. Sincerely, for your body to perform at an optimal level, you need to ensure there is a balance in your consumption of different classes of food. 

When you adopt a Keto diet, your consumption of fatty food increases, while other food class consumption rate drops drastically. In turn, you are creating an imbalance supply of nutrients to your body as a whole.

  • Keto flu experience

The chances you will experience some sort of inconvenience in your body are high. At some point, you will experience headache, hunger, constipation, and fatigue, etc., depending on how your body reacts to the transition period. Though, it is recommended that you should sleep more and improve the volume of fluid intake as a form of preventive measures. But the fact remains that transiting into this diet standard may be unpleasant. 

This dieting regime is good for the body. Especially for those with diabetes, hypertensive, high blood pressure, and exposed to heart diseases. But for the Keto diet to be effective, you should keep to the rule of reducing carb intake and increase the level of fatty food you consume.  At the same time, before you embark on this diet journey, you should get permission and clearance from your physician or nutritionist. Their professional advice is crucial to ascertain if your body is in good condition to engage in such a diet process. 


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