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The Benefits Of Online Coaching

Coaching Online allows you to access a coach from anywhere in the world. It’s exciting when technology gives you access to incredible resources without having to travel while staying in the comfort of your home or having the opportunity to travel.

We already know the benefits of traditional professional coaching, but online coaching has additional advantages over the traditional “office” and “in-person” model. Over the past few years we have seen a big rise in CrossFit athletes using online coaching. It is also quite common now for CrossFit Games athletes to use a remote coach to handle their programming, with regular online or skype chats.

Here is a list of the advantages of using an online coach:

  1. Comfort & Convenience

One of the main benefits of online coaching is its convenience. All you need is a computer and Internet access to organize an online coaching session, whether in your office, in the privacy of your home or even in your car.

  1. Saving time

The lack of time is one of the great evils of our society, which affects us all daily. Time being a precious and limited resource, anything that saves us time will be beneficial. Online coaching will save you time.

You do not have to waste part of the day to get to where you meet the coach. This will save you valuable time in your day.

If you do not need to go out for your session with the coach, it will be easier for you to find at least one hour in your agenda to meet you online.

  1. More options to choose the best coach

Many people do not think about looking for professional support outside their area. But what if I told you that with online coaching you have access to the best professionals in the world. You will not have to settle for choosing among those available in your area.

With online coaching, you have many more options to find the coach that best suits your needs based on your experience, your certifications, your specialty or your career.

  1. International Vision

A coach who works online, with international experience and who knows different cultures, will give you a broader vision for your company and, also, on a personal level. This will be especially beneficial if you work in an international environment.

A coach from a different country or culture can offer opportunities for professional and personal growth. An international coach can help you with issues of international expansion and cultural adjustment issues, which often arise in multinational companies.

  1. Anonymity

One of the reasons many people do not ask for help is that they continue to think that working with a professional for personal and professional development is stigmatized.

With online coaching, there is no need to see you coach every day in your gym or office. It is not even necessary to see him or her at all.

  1. Flexibility

If you travel often, it will be difficult to meet a weekly, bi-monthly or even monthly meeting with your coach. But with online coaching, no matter where you are, you can have your sessions periodically. You will not have to delay them because you are out of town.

An online coach can work with everyone in the same company, even if they are in different locations, be it nationally or internationally. In-person, it would be necessary to add to the budget the travel of the coach and it would be difficult to organize the agenda of the coach and the leader. It would be much more expensive and almost impossible to schedule the sessions.

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