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Learn The Rewards Of Microdosing With CBD Concentrates

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In the middle of obsession over “the more, the merrier,” there is a growing trend that advocates a philosophy of “less is more” — a tactic and a trend that is popularly known as Microdosing. However, the ones who practice Microdosing often associate it with the psychoactive component of cannabis, i.e., THC. Precisely to avoid its adverse effects that might impact your daily life.

Experts believe you can also reap benefits if you start Microdosing with the other famous cannabinoid, CBD.

What do You Mean by Microdosing With CBD Concentrates?

Microdosing is not a magic wand. It is patient-specific. Something that might work for one might not be suitable for the other. It is merely a consumption technique that involves taking small serving sizes one at a time. It’s like if you are consuming 20 mg CBD dose at a single time, you can break this dose into four different servings of 5 mg each. There is no constant rule that you have to use the same guidelines for yourself. It can vary in different individuals. Finding your ideal dose will require some trial and error strategy.

Ideally, more body mass requires more CBD. An excellent rule to identify the dose first is to go with 1-6 mg CBD for every 10 pounds of your body weight. But, that includes the severity of your condition as well. For instance, the table provided below explains how to find your ideal dose based on the level of your pain. Once you find your perfect dose, Microdosing becomes a simplified process.

What Are The Benefits of Microdosing With CBD Concentrates?

Microdosing CBD has nothing to do with downsizing the psychoactive effects of this cannabinoid. It’s more like allowing your body to experience the positive benefits of CBD over an extended period. Imagine taking your dose at a single time. What will happen? The effects will start diminishing after some time. In short, it will wear off quickly. Microdosing could be the key to balance CBD levels at times. So, it will help manage processes such as metabolism, sleep cycle, mood changes, immune responses, and a lot of other essential biological processes. And that, too, by avoiding the effects of highs and lows of CBD dosage. Only with the help of creating an environment of homeostasis. Here is how CBD Microdosing can turn out to be a great option as a preventive and treatment therapy simultaneously.

As a Preventive Medication

Our body works by the efficient working of different systems simultaneously, making it one big complex system that no one has decoded wholly. But, with a lot of ongoing research, one could find that one of the systems, endocannabinoid or ECS, controls many essential biological functions. And when our body is short of natural endocannabinoids, it falls trap to a lot of medical conditions. So, supplementing your body with microdoses of CBD will help to normalize all those deficiencies.

Studies have shown that lower doses of phytocannabinoids reduce the risk of a number of neurodegenerative, metabolic disorders along with some deadly cancer types. Also, some animal models confirmed the role of cannabinoids in the formation of new nerve cells as well. Furthermore, one can also benefit from reducing the chances of developing any age-related disorders as well as osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.

As a Potent Antioxidant

CBD acts as one of the best antioxidants available. In addition to that, it is more potent than the known vitamins E and C. With its number of complex reactions with the endocannabinoid receptors, it can fight against the free radicals present in the body without affecting any healthy cell at all. Precisely why it’s popularity as a skincare component in many topicals using CBD oil (one of the types of CBD concentrates) is trending a lot nowadays. It helps build the broken bridge to manage your mind and body effectively.

As an Effective Pain Reliever

Patients who are dealing with inconsistent painful symptoms can quickly mitigate the effects using occasional CBD dose. However, patients with consistent chronic pain issues often require the constant support of medications to manage their condition for as long as possible. So, Microdosing could work wonders in such situations as it will allow you to have access to medication throughout the day. And that too without wearing out the effects of the CBD.

As a Potential Supplement For Athletes

Athletes often want to be in the best shape in terms of endurance and performance. However, it is quite challenging due to their intricate work out regimes. Taking CBD as a microdose could help them efficiently as a part of their post-recovery modes. Also, it could help them reduce inflammation during and after their training. Also, athletes can benefit from CBD Microdosing for alleviating their aches and nausea conditions, as well. It would be a health booster for them without any severe side effects.

As an Effective Metabolism Enhancer

CBD shows an effective potency to reduce the chances of developing diabetes and obesity. This indirectly affects the metabolic rates of the body. Microdosing will help you keep your bodily functions related to metabolism completely in check without giving them any chance to switch from homeostasis at all. It stands out as a preventive medication to reduce the presence of hunger hormones and simultaneously burns off extra calories. All of this indirectly benefits your metabolism.

As a Prospective Cholesterol Profile Manager

CBD Microdosing can be an effective manager for preventing lifestyle disasters. While you might feel lifestyle disorders could only add up stress. Well, not exactly. They could be a risk for developing cardiovascular disorders, as well. Using Microdosing, you can keep the balance right and dissolve any factors that could lead to atherosclerotic plaques. As study even confirmed that having CBD could create a cardioprotective layer that could lower the risk of heart attacks as well.

As a Protective Shield For Brain

There are a lot of reports suggesting the role of cannabis cannabinoids as neuroprotective. And CBD is topping the charts in managing your brain’s health. Plus, with its exceptional antioxidant properties, it has the capability of reducing the effects of glutamate toxicity as well. And with the help of Microdosing, one can make sure to manage a protective layer at all times.

Key Takeaways 

In short, Microdosing CBD concentrates will only add a layer of protection and will help to manage many biological functions that are essential for maintaining the perfect homeostasis. Hence, giving away the promise of good health at all times. And imagine all of this without any known adverse effects. Medical marijuana doctors insist on finding the ideal dose for yourself so that you can start with the next step of Microdosing CBD regimes.

To start with Microdosing, make sure you don’t use any cannabis products for at least two days. Start with a minimal dose and see if it is producing desirable effects. Once you reach a specific dose, convert them into microdoses accordingly.

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