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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Adding Bone Broth To Your Dietary Plan

Bone broth is soup brewed from bones and their connective tissue. It can be made from the bones of chicken, cow, goat, turkey, and even fish. Bone broth has a traditional heritage of being a natural remedy for treating digestive issues as well as being beneficial for healthy bones and joints, among other health benefits.

The bones and connective tissues of different animals contain different essential nutrients and minerals. That is why bone broth can be a dietary supplement for different people. Keep in mind that the source of the bones and tissues needed for making the broth will influence how potent the soup will be for dietary purposes.

To release the nutrient from the bone marrow, you should simmer them in water with some vinegar. The simmering will also break down the connective tissue. The result of the cooking process will be a tasty, wholesome broth. You could also use a bone broth protein powder, such as Cognitune.

Given this, below are some of the benefits of enjoying a bowl of bone broth occasionally:

  1. It Is Highly Nutritious

As mentioned above, bone soup is rich in nutrients. The bones are a source of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorous, calcium as well as other natural compounds that are extracted from the bones, marrow, and cartilage.

The bones and connective tissue contain collagen, which turns into gelatin when cooked. The result is thus a nutritious soup with plenty of amino acids that are the main compounds found in proteins.

The volume of nutrients in a given bone broth will vary depending on the type of bones and tissues used (the source or type of animal), and the quantity of these critical ingredients. To make a bone soup that is full of nutrients, experts suggest making a broth from different types of bones and connective tissues source from two or more animals.

Some of the nutrients found in the bone marrow and cartilage used in making the bone broth are:

  • Manganese
  • Vitamins A & K
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Fatty Acids

The bone soup will supply your body with some trace amount of these nutrients; thus, this is an easy way of getting such nutrients in a form that the body can digest and process with ease. Throwing in vegetables adds more nutritional-punch to the broth.

  1. It May Help Protect The Joints

Bone soup is a healthy source of gelatin that the body relies on for collagen production; this makes the broth an essential meal for having strong and healthy joints.

Over time, the joint cartilage will degrade or shrink, and this adds stress to the bones and joints, making them painful and leading to restricted movement due to the pressure. The Sports Medicine Journal had a review in 2017, targeting animal and lab studies that suggested gelatin supplementation via bone broth can increase the volume of collagen in bones joints. Therefore, having bone soup in your dietary plans can help supply our body with the nutrients it needs to protect and promote healthy bones and joints.

  1. It May Help Fight Osteoarthritis

People dealing with osteoarthritis can benefit from taking bone broth. The Nutrition Journal published a 2016 study that looked into the effects of type-2 collagen in individuals with signs of osteoarthritis in their knees. The supplemental collagen was from the soup made from chicken bones. The results showed that the collagen helped to improve the health of the knees and numb the osteoarthritis symptoms that include stiffness, pain, and restricted motion range.

The above, therefore, suggests that consuming bone broth may be one of the efficient ways of supplying your body with the type of collagen it needs, along with other essential nutrients, for bone and joint health.

  1. It May Help Reduce Inflammation And Heal The Gut

Bone soup can help people with a leaky gut syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease to above the problem. It contains some amino acids that can improve digestion, with the glutamine being one of the amino acids that are considered highly promising.

The Journal Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care Journal published a study in 2017 that suggested glutamine supplementation can be useful in promoting intestinal health in both humans and animals. Significant areas that can benefit from said supplementation include addressing the issue of leaky gut that irritates the intestinal mucosal lining interfering with the digestion process.

Another research done the same year published in the Journal Nutrients states that individuals with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) have low amounts of digestion-promoting amino acids. For such people, the study recommended supplementation of these amino acids via options such as bone broth.

From these studies, it is evident that consuming bone soup daily can help the body have proper digestion process and be able to fight IBD.

  1. It May Aid With Sleep

Research in some people shows that drinking bone soup helps them to have a better sleep. One study done in 2015 that was published in the Neuropsychopharmacology Journal reports that glycine is an amino acid with some therapeutic impact that helps improve sleep.

Individuals that take glycine daily tend to sleep better and feel less fatigued during the next day. In most cases, these are people that like consuming bone broth during dinner.

  1. It May Support Weight Loss

Studies suggest that bone soup can help people with their weight loss efforts. The broth contains proteins that make the body feel full for longer while also supporting calorie restriction. A research done in 2017 that was published in the Renal Nutrition Journal states that the average serving of chicken bone soup has more protein that basic chicken meat stew.

From all the above information, it is clear that drinking bone broth will help promote bone and joint health, keep you feeling satisfied, and help you avoid high-calorie consumption.


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