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Review: Xology’s Pre Workout Energy

pre workout energy

This week we take a moment to review the Pink Lemonade flavoured Pre-Workout Energy supplement by Xology.

Item: Xology’s Pre Workout Energy
$35 USD (200g bag)

Retailer: Xology

Xology is a relatively new brand targeting the CrossFit/functional fitness industry.

Late last year the brand previously known as PODlife rebranded under the name Xology, in the aim of providing high performance all-natural sports nutrition.

For those who remember PODlife, their main selling point was to provide CrossFitters, and other fitness enthusiasts, ‘supplement pods’ they could put in their shaker and mix on the go. Essentially, the supplement version of coffee pods!

At this stage Xology are only selling regular powder supplements in packaged bags. However, they do aim to have their supplements available in pods in the near future.

Based in California, USA, Xology pride themselves on using on the purest ingredients and try to keep their formulas as simple as possible. According to their website;

“In the old days, it was all about the chemicals mixed in a lab to form some “super formula” to give you insane energy before a workout. Those days are numbered. Our bodies were not made in a lab. We have natural organs that crave pure ingredients for real, honest fuel. The cleaner and natural the fuel, the more effective and sustaining energy your mind and body will receive.”

Over the past month I was given a few Xology supplements to try out, including their BCCA + Hydration Coconut Lime flavoured supplement. However, it was their Pink Lemonade flavoured Pre-Workout Energy supplement that I thought was the standout.

Here is my review of the supplement and whether The Rx Review believes it’s a worthy purchase:

pre workout energy

The Good

Ingredients: As mentioned above, Xology pride themselves on using only natural, chemical free ingredients. They also like to keep their formulas simple, so we don’t find ourselves googling up to 100 ingredients to find out exactly what we are taking. They are also very transparent about what they put in their supplements. A list and description of each ingredient can be found on their website and they don’t try to hide certain ingredients like several other brands do.

Vegan: Just like most of their supplements, Xology’s Pre Workout Energy is vegan friendly!

Taste: I’ve had many pre workout supplements during my time training and reviewing items. Personally, I found Xology’s Pink Lemonade flavour to be one of, if not the best, I have ever tried. The powder is easy to mix in with water and tastes fantastic!

Price: Xology’s Pre-Workout Energy is one of the cheaper supplements on the market. Selling for just $35 USD for a 200g bag (20 servings), it is more afforable then some of the rival pre-workout items like Xendurance Fuel and EBN’s Herculin Extreme which both sell for over $50.

It works!: The main aim of pre-workout supplements are to give you energy and a boost leading into training. Xology’s Pre Workout Energy certainly did just that. With 150mg of caffeine from green coffee beans I certainly feel alert and awake after having a serving. In addition I also feel a boost in energy that helps me during my time in the gym.

No side effects of stomach issues: Xology’s Pre-Workout Energy was easy to digest and at no stage did I feel any stomach issues or bloatedness that I often get with other powders. I also didn’t experience any tingling despite there being some Beta-Alanine in the blend.

pre workout energy

The Bad

Sour: Personally, I quite like sour drinks and sour flavours. However, if you are a bit sensitive to sour drinks then you might not enjoy Xology’s Pink Lemonade flavour. When mixed in with water, the taste is a little bit sour. While I quite enjoy the flavour, it is something to note if you do have aversions to sour tastes. If it is a bit sour then just increase the water amount and the sourness will diminish.

Lack of flavours: At this stage the Pre Workout Energy supplement is only available in the Pink lemonade flavour. Unfortunately, if you don’t like the flavour there are no alternatives for you at this stage.


Overall, I had a great experience using Xology’s Pre-Workout Energy. It was easy to mix, the taste was great and it gave me an extra boost before, and during training.

In addition, I liked the fact I knew I was taking a supplement with pure and natural ingredients, free from any chemicals and unwanted fillers.

Personally, I find pre-workout supplements to be quite similar in their effect. I’ve never really been blown away by the results of any, and i’ve never really seen my performances improve dramatically after taking them. So when I look for a pre-workout supplement I want one which is easy to mix, easy to digest, gives me energy and one which isn’t going to give me any side effects.

Xology’s Pre Workout Energy ticks all these boxes. And the best part is, it’s also very affordable!


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