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Review: Synergen3 Dietary Supplement

synergen3 review

This week we take a moment to review a new supplement to hit the functional fitness market – Synergen3:

Item: Synergen3 Dietary Supplement
$69.95 USD (150 capsules)

Retailer: Synergen3

Synergen3 is one of the latest dietary supplement to join the list of products targeting the functional fitness market.

Just like many out there, it aims to improve athletic performance while also burning fat, building lean muscle, and speeding up the recovery process.

According the the brand itself:

“Synergen3 is a dietary supplement under the NES Company that contains a unique proprietary formula used by the NFL and college athletes for excellent fat burning and lean muscle building abilities. Synergen3 is like no other sports supplement in the supplement market place. S3 is a natural insulin driver, meaning S3 is making insulin work better in the body by accelerating the uptake of nutrients; calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats into the cells.”

I was first introduced to Synergen3 earlier this year and have been using the supplement over the past few months during my standard training regime. Here are my thoughts on the product:

synergen3 review

The Good

Body Fat Loss: One of Synergen3’s main selling points is its ability to burn fat while increasing lean muscle. Some athletes have had phenomenal results leaning out using the supplement. One even claims to have shed 20 pounds over a two month period. My results were nowhere near as good. But I did notice some general weight loss and in particular some leaning out around my abdominal region.

Improved Performance: Several athletes have reported huge performance improvements while taking Synergen3. Some professional weightlifters have seen increases of around 5 percent to their max lifts in as little as two weeks. Personally, I didn’t notice a substantial improvement in my lifts and times while working out. But I did feel as though my overall performance was slightly improved while taking the supplement. That could be due to me taking the product, or my general improvement that comes with training every day.

Endorsed by Industry Professionals: Many industry leaders have endorsed Synergen3 including president of USA weightlifting and Vice President of I.W.F. ( International Weightlifting Federation) Ursula Garza. In addition, the brand also sponsored several world class professional athletes in a range of sports including distance running, bodybuilding and powerlifting.

I Can Eat More: While taking Synergen3, you are encouraged to eat more if you are trying to build muscle. The brand’s spokesperson says that an increase of around 35% of your calories is ideal to gain muscle size while also ensuring your fat stores are down. I did feel hungrier at times and was told it’s due to my body working overtime to build/repair muscles. So I was able to eat more, guilt free!

Improved Sleep: With a high amount of folic acid per serving, Synergen3 claims to offer improved sleep for those taking the supplement.

International Shipping: International shipping is available for this supplement.

synergen3 review

The Bad

Low Energy Levels: During my time taking the supplement, I did experience periods of low energy. This was often after I hadn’t eaten for a while. According to Synergen3’s spokesperson, the reason this happens is because S3 is such a effective insulin driver. Insulin is accelerating the nutrients into the muscle cells faster than normal rate, and as a result you may experience low energy slumps or low blood sugar levels after a few hours of not eating.

Price: One pack of Synergen3 (150 capsules) sells for $69.95 USD. A standard sized male will need to take around four capsules a day, so one pack will last you around five weeks. If you break this down, it’ll cost the average male athlete just under $15 a week to take the supplement. By no means is it an outrageous amount, but it is something to consider if you are on a budget.

How Effective Was It?: It’s tough to give an honest answer on just how effective Synergen3 was. Overall my results and numbers while training were slightly up and my body fat reduced while maintaining muscle mass. But I certainly didn’t experience the improvements some of the athletes had claimed in their testimonials. Although, saying that, I certainly didn’t experience any decrease in performance.


Overall, I had a mostly positive experience using Synergen3.

While I didn’t experience the huge benefits many athletes had spoken about, I did notice small improvements in performance, appearance and overall well-being while taking the supplement.

If you are an athlete looking for a supplement to help you reach that next level, or gain that extra edge over your competitors, then Synergen3 may be great for you.

However, if you’re a bit of a ‘weekend warrior’ who is also on a budget, then you could easily afford to go without it.


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