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Optimize Your Fitness: Tips to Plan Your Workout Routine with a Handy Planner


When it comes to optimizing a fitness routine, keeping your plan and check is incredibly important. This part is for so many reasons. You want to keep track of the gains you make while also having a reminder that consistency is key.

But not all planners are meant to be fitness planners. That’s why taking down a few tips when choosing where to write down your goals and schedule is much needed. You want to make sure you choose the best planner that will complement what you are trying to achieve in the gym. 

Let’s get to it.

 A Positive Place

What you want to think about when planning your workout is a system that makes you happy. This means choosing a planner that brings positive energy to you is key. Going to the gym is hard. You don’t want to add any level of stress to that process.

  • Consider having a planner that has positive affirmations on the different pages so you can remind yourself of how great you’re doing.
  • Your planner should have an aesthetically pleasing look to it with your favorite colors so that you can enjoy writing in it and pulling it out weekly.
  • It’s good to get our thoughts out, but remember that you should also write positive goals and reflection plans, and going to the gym is half the battle.

Just like your gym should be a place of positivity, you want your planner to echo the same thing. If you are a creative person, you may want to leave room for you to doodle your own positive messages. 

Others prefer the planner to provide some of the inspiration. Both are fine and work awesome to create a positive planner.

A Practical Space

It wouldn’t be very practical to ask yourself to lift heavyweights that you’ve never done before. Just like it wouldn’t be practical to ask yourself to lose 15 pounds in one week. This is why we want our journal to offer practical space.

  • One section of a fitness journal should have a good weekly schedule. This will help you block off time to work out and add consistency on a weekly basis. It’s also good to have a monthly calendar to see how weeks can quickly add up.
  • A blank space where you can write down what kind of workout you like and offer personal reflection is great for consistency. The gym will elicit emotions from us, whether they are good or bad. Getting these down on paper can help us find solutions to things we don’t like.
  • Another area dedicated to your goals is important. This is why we will delve into this and its own section.
  • Leaving room to write down what supplements you take is another great reason to plan out your health and wellness. 

Any journal that requires too much time is going to exhaust your efforts to go to the gym in the first place. Keep your journaling and scheduling.

Room For Improvement

A big part of going to the gym is wanting to feel better, look better, and set new PRs. It’s easy to forget the different weight we left or wait. We lose if it’s not recorded or written down.

This is why a lot of gyms will offer to give you spreadsheets with different exercises and spaces to fill in your weights. When you have a fitness planner, you should leave room near your goals so you can compare how you’re doing and then reflect on it.

This can provide a lot of satisfaction when looking back at all the growth you’ve made over the course of weeks, months, and even years. 

Don’t Forget About Fun

It can be easy to forget about having fun when we’re so focused on our goals and planning. But part of the enjoyment that we get from working out should be from having fun. This looks different for everybody.

Adding in different work routines can help keep gym time light and interesting. This could be a Zumba class or a boxing course. Trying new things can help bring different skill sets and help move us past certain plateaus.

You can even journal about the fun you had so you remember what parts of trying something new you liked.

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