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Everything You Need to Know About Scalp Evolution

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Scalp evolution is the answer to baldness and other scalp-related problems for men and women alike. It is a reality that hair is considered to be a crowning glory and if something is wrong with your hair, it can be a source of embarrassment and lack of confidence which can negatively affect the person. A lot of things can happen to your hair may it be due to the over-use of styling products, incorrect use of hair styling equipment, medical conditions, accidents, and even genetics.

Just as much as people are concerned with keeping hair in excellent condition, there is also the preoccupation with developing treatments and procedures to improve it after the damage has been done. Thus, you hear of things like hair spa treatments, hair masks, hair oils, hair growers, hair elixirs, and the like. It would seem that every form of hair damage has its specific treatment and product and the different kinds of hairs make it all the more confusing and overwhelming.

Usually, a professional hair stylist is sought after when hair is damaged, but the good thing about hair is that even with the direst of circumstances, it tends to grow back and with proper care will be able to recover. On the other hand, baldness due to medical conditions, illness, and genetics is something that cannot be undone but rather managed. When a person becomes bald, he or she has to cope with baldness and accept it for what it is. Some people may take a long time to be able to accept that their hair is no longer there, and others may just adapt quickly and make the most of it.

They will probably use wigs, scarves, and hats and try out many products to probably delay the inevitable and then come to accept that there is nothing they can do with it. For men, going completely bald is not an issue as they can sport the look and no one would give it a second look. But it will be entirely different for women, as the norm is to have a full head of hair.

Then there is the fact that people will not be too kind to women without hair, they might pity them or even be embarrassed by them, and they just have to endure all of it. Scalp evolution is the most recent micropigmentation method wherein the scalp is tattooed with organic and plant-based ink that is safe and will last for a long time.

This will give the appearance of close-shaved hair for those who are bald, thus giving the illusion that they have hair. For those who may be dealing with thinning hair, micro pigmentation can give the illusion of thicker hair and it can also serve as a cover-up for those with patches of hair. 

How much does scalp evolution cost? 

Scalp evolution or scalp micropigmentation is a means of improving one’s appearance for those who are dealing with baldness and thinning hair, it is a labor-intensive procedure and can only be done by trained specialists, thus it costs more than the usual treatments. However, after getting the procedure, you need not do much in terms of maintaining it, although for those who are still growing hair, a shave every week is necessary. You need to come in for yearly touch-ups since the ink can fade over time, but that is just about it.

In addition, you will not have to spend as much for the touch-ups and in the long run, will save you money. You do not have to buy wigs and other head coverings as you do not need them, although if you have to be directly under the sun for a long period, then a hat is needed and with an umbrella. Much more than that is the confidence and assurance that you look good and feel positively about yourself, to which you cannot put a price on. The initial cost of getting scalp micro pigmentation can be expensive but it is worth every cent. 

Where to get scalp evolution treatments?

Scalp evolution treatments or scalp micropigmentation is a relatively new method of providing clients who have baldness or thinning hair the illusion that they have a full head of hair by tattooing hair follicles on the scalp which is seen as 3-dimensional and appears that the person has hair, only that it is closely cropped to the scalp. In reality, the hair follicles are just lines of ink that resemble hair strands and when seen from afar are a full head of hair.

Since the procedure is still new, not many salons and hair clinics offer the said services and there are only a few hair specialists who can do the treatment. If you are interested in getting the treatment, then try to do a little research beforehand. You can see if any of the spas or clinics in your area can do the procedure. You can also check on the internet the leading salons who provide the service and see if they have a branch near you. Make sure to call ahead for a consultation or set up an appointment. 

What to do after scalp evolution treatment? 

After getting your scalp evolution treatment or micro pigmentation, you need to remember a few things to help you keep your scalp healthy and for the tattooed hair follicles to be in top condition for a long time. You need to remember that the hair follicles are made from plant-based organic dyes and it is prone to fading through wear and tear. You should not expose it to direct sunlight, subject it to harsh chemicals or wear a hat over it for long periods.

Also, if you are not completely bald and your hair is still growing, you need to shave your head regularly as those few growing hairs can be distracting for the overall look. The illusion of hair follicles will last for years but if you notice a slight fading in some areas or it appears blotched, then you need to go for a touch-up. The touch-ups are generally shorter and cost less than the first treatment. 

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