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Common Foot Complaints and How to Treat Them

common foot complaints

Our feet have to support us throughout our lives, and it is perfectly natural for the odd problem to occur from time to time. In addition to CrossFit/functional fitness training, excessive walking, running or jumping can bring on a range of foot issues. The first thing you would normally notice would be pain, whether it be under the heel, or anywhere else, and rather than simply hoping it will get better of its own accord, the issue should be looked into by a specialist.

Here are a few common foot complaints and suggested treatments.

  • Heel Spurs – Heel spurs are calcium build-ups on the very underside of the heel bone, and this condition can be extremely painful, while some people don’t seem to feel any pain. If you think you might have heel spurs, there are special orthotic devices that are slipped into your shoes, and this reduces the pressure on the heels. Common symptoms include feeling a sharp pain at the back of your heel when you first begin to walk in the morning, although, as mentioned above, not everyone feels pain with heel spurs. Heel spurs can affect people of all ages, and often they are associated with excessive activity, while overweight people are also more likely to suffer from heel spurs.
  • General Heel Pain – This could be caused by many factors, which would include overuse of the feet, playing a lot of sports, or even standing for too long. It is usually due to excessive pressure put on the heels, and there are medically proven ways to treat such a complaint, such as wearing specially formulated orthotic insoles in your shoes. These orthotic devices are designed to provide essential support in a range of scenarios, and you’ll be happy to learn that these devices can be purchased from an online supplier, which usually does the trick. If you would like to purchase orthotic shoe inserts, a Google search will help you to source an established online supplier of orthotic devices, and their website would have a lot of information regarding the type of orthotic insert that is required for your specific condition.
  • Athlete’s Foot – This is a type of fungus that grows between the toes, especially if your feet are always wet or damp, and it can be very itchy and also painful at the same time. There are special powders to treat Athlete’s foot, and by keeping your feet dry, the problem usually goes away as quickly as it came. It is called Athlete’s foot because people who play sports are more likely to suffer from this condition, and you need to dry your feet completely and give them long periods of rest by sitting or lying down. Man people who get their feet wet for long periods can also suffer with athlete’s foot, so it is not only those who play sports that suffer from this condition.
  • Bunions – These are hard areas that usually form on the first joint of the big toe and bunions can be caused by incorrectly fitting shoes, which causes friction, as the skin is constantly under pressure, which hardens into what we call bunions. Padded shoe inserts are often the best treatment for bunions, and these amazing orthotic devices can be acquired from a leading online supplier.

Fortunately, many foot issues can be corrected by wearing orthotic inserts, and with a major Australian company that sells them online, relief is only a few mouse clicks away. If you are experiencing pain in your feet, you need to identify the cause, and the best way to do that is to have a podiatrist examine your feet.

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