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Why you Shouldn’t be Afraid to Date a Professional CrossFit Athlete

Dating a Professional CrossFit Athlete Date a Professional CrossFit Athlete

They say it’s hard to be dating a professional athlete. Long trips, contests, much attention from the opposite sex, and fame, which makes their head spin and self-satisfaction skyrocket, are not believed to be conducive to long-term and strong relationships. Still, in reality, things can be just the opposite.

It’s a rare person who doesn’t get fascinated when they see toned bodies of CrossFit athletes. Bulging muscles and attractive posture are what makes the majority of people unable to take their eyes off athletes. Athletes’ attractiveness and often their celebrity status make them enviable matches. Nevertheless, when it comes to taking the first step, lots of admirers often don’t venture to build relationships with a professional CrossFit athlete. Some think athletes are focused entirely on their career and lack time to fully engage in relationships. While others are convinced that dating an athlete is doomed to fail and don’t even give it a shot. Still, in fact, maintaining a romantic relationship with an athlete isn’t much different from dating any other person. Moreover, dating an athlete has a number of benefits you should be aware of, especially if you’re no stranger to sports, as well. And we’re not talking about your potential partner’s body fat percentage or the scope of his bank account here.

Perseverance and Sense of Purpose

We bet your friends often complain about their partners’ reluctance to pursue their dreams and goals. It’s really discouraging and disappointing to realize that someone you’re planning to connect your life with is in fact devoid of any ambitions and incapable of showing perseverance. But it definitely won’t be the case if you start dating or marry an athlete. Athletes are a category of people, who know how to work hard to achieve their goals. Such take a look at a face of a runner doing the marathon or a high jumper who is about to beat the previous record, you’ll understand what we mean. Needless to say, you’ll always have a reliable and purposeful partner that will never disappoint you with his or her inertness.

If you’re dreaming about meeting an athlete, but are still hesitant whether the game is worth the candle, you can try online dating. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that lots of attractive and serious athletes are willing to meet their perfect match online. If you don’t know where to start looking, try the Wellhello website. Is Wellhello a scam? Don’t hesitate to find the answer to this question right now. You’ll see that thousands of people arrange their love life courtesy of this website. Don’t miss out on the chance to do the same.

Team Players

It’s not a secret that the majority of athletes are excellent team players. Make no mistake, even if your partner is a track and field athlete or a deadlifter, the odds are he or she knows a great deal about mutual support, camaraderie, a team spirit. During the training sessions, athletes learn how to co-exist within one physical space and learn to respect and help each other. Moreover, athletes often represent their country as part of a national team, which helps them cultivate tolerance, patience, attentiveness to their team members’ desires, and ability to balance personal interests with other people’s needs. Such teamwork skills will undoubtedly come in handy for developing healthy relationships.


Though professional athletes may seem complacent and even egoistic, in fact, they are no stranger to the art of sacrificing. Since their childhood, they learned to sacrifice their momentary desires such as a good night’s sleep, spending a weekend with their family, a double bacon hamburger, or campus parties to be able to achieve long-term goals. Athletes are people that know the true value of compromise and making concessions. Don’t you think it’s a great idea to have a sacrificing partner by your side? At the same time, don’t forget that it always takes two to tango. So, don’t forget to contribute to your relationship.

Pleasing to the Eye

Yep, finally we got to the point where we can stop talking the spiritual and emotional and mention. Something we know also matters a lot. We all like having good-looking people as our partners. And a beautiful body of your significant other is the best thing to feast your eyes on.

In Conclusion

Of course, you understand that just because someone exhibits the aforementioned characteristics on the court, track, field, or in the gym doesn’t necessarily mean they will bring those characteristics into relationships. Be as it may, but we hope that the next time you have an opportunity to date a professional athlete you’ll grab it!

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