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This Bloke Owns the 10,000th CrossFit Affiliate

It was only 2001 when the first CrossFit box was opened by Greg Glassman at 2851 Research Park Drive in Santa Cruz, California.

5,000 miles away and just 13-years later, 24-year-old David Marshall has become the 10,000 CrossFit Affiliate owner, opening Royal Docks CrossFit in London, England.

In these few short years, the growth and popularity of CrossFit has seen it expand its Affiliates and training methodology around the world. That growth has also spawned a new cottage industry catering to it’s devotees, supplying everything from clothing and apparel to training equipment and food.

The proliferation of CrossFit seems exponential, as it continues to grow year on year. If this is the affect of 13 years, it will be interesting to see what the next 13 bring.

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