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Product Highlight: American Gainz Nutrition Supplements

In the above Product Highlight video The Rx Review takes a quick look at some of the latest supplements from American Gainz Nutrition.

For those who aren’t familiar with American Gainz, they are a small company hailing out of Houston, Texas. The brand specialises in high performance supplements.

A local CrossFitter created the brand because he became fed up with some of the leading brands available. He was particularly disappointed in some of the contents they have in their supplements like protein. He also wanted to create a product which athletes around the world would know what they are getting. And free from things like heavy metal content, poor quality protein and high levels of unregulated fillers.

At the moment American Gainz has three leading products targeted to athletes and CrossFitters. They are the Tactical Recovery, Strength and PB Gainz.

In the above video John takes a closer look at all three products, highlighting some of the features of each, and what makes them different to other protein powders on the market at the moment.

For more information about American Gainz and their latest range of products head to their website by clicking here, or be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels.

The Rx Review will be testing all three products over the coming weeks. Be sure to check back on our site to see what we think of American Gainz and their latest supplements.

Update: Full review for American Gainz Tactical Recovery Protein can be found here.

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