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Gymnastics Tips: Handstand Walking Pirouette

The handstand walk with a pirouette is a great way to challenge yourself once you have mastered the handstand hold and are confident walking on your hands. It could also be useful in a workout where you may be required to complete multiple lengths of the gym walking on your hands.

Start of by testing your ability to walk, come to a stop and walk again. This will demonstrate control over your handstand. This is far more difficult than simply doing a handstand walk, learning to hold a handstand is also far more challenging.

The next step will be to learn a handstand walk while slightly exaggerating the weight transfer, slowing down the step and spending more time on a one arm.

handstand walking pirouette gymnastics tips 1 handstand walking pirouette gymnastics tips 1

Finally is the hand placement. Turn your hand in the direction you want to turn, bring the other hand around to join it. Being with ¼ turn, then gradually increase to a ½ turn. You will have a preferred turning direction, test it out and turn in the direction you feel most comfortable.

Practice each piece separately, i.e.

  • Practice static handstand hold, build up to holding for 30-60sec without moving your hands

  • Handstand walk, stop, walk, work on a controlled handstand walk

  • Handstand walk exaggerating the time spent on a single arm

  • Handstand hold with pirouette

Once you have all the pieces worked out put it all together. Happy training!

By Kathryn and Evelina Dalecki from Dalecki Strength.

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