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Yoga Pose of the Week – Seated Forward Pose

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The Seated Forward Pose…

Doesn’t get much easier than this pose. Just sit, extend your legs in front and fold. Those of use with tight hamstrings this pose is unbearable. And why wouldn’t it be? We ask a lot of our hamstrings during every Olympic Lift only to sit in chairs or cars or sofas the rest of the day. Seated Forward Fold is a way to maintain and increase flexibility in a relatively simple way.

Tip: If you can’t sit up tall with your legs out in front, lay on your back and place your feet on the wall. Get your butt as close to it as you can without letting your lower back lift. Stay there for a long time.

Muscles Stretched

Spinal Erectors



Alignment and Execution Tips

Start seated with your legs straight out in front. Sit up tall, flex your feet and engage the quads. Roll the tops
of your thighs towards one another.

Reach your arms up and fold forward by leading with your chest.

Grab your feet. If necessary, use a strap or band around the arches of the feet.

Keep the back of your neck long.

Continue to extend the chest out as you breathe through this stretch for up to 2 minutes.


Stretches the lower back and hamstrings

Relieves tension in posterior chain from Deadlifts or Sprints

WOD Movements



Double Unders

        Triple Unders

Back Extension

Box Jumps



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