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Yoga Pose of the Week – Frog

frog yoga pose frog pose

This is not a pose to be messed with. It’s amazing how a simple pose like this can pack this big of a punch. Frog Pose is incredibly intense. It takes a bit of wiggling to find that sweet spot and a bit of wiggling to get out of it but it’s worth it.

My suggestion is to put something padded or soft under the inner knees so that you can’t use that as an excuse to get out of the pose!

Muscles Stretched

Adductor brevis

Longus Adductor

Adductor magnus



Alignment and Execution Tips

Start on your hands and knees. Then slowly begin to move your knees away from each other.

Once your knees have reached maximum width, place the inner edges of your feet on the ground with your toes facing out.

Shift your hips back to focus the stretch directly on your inner groin. Hips should be slightly below your knee line.

Every five breathes or so, slowly inch the knees farther away from each other and reset the hips.


Stretches inner groin and adductors to improve

Range of motion during full depth squats

Releases tension in the lower back

WOD Movements


Box Jumps


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