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That Uniquely CrossFit Feeling

Unique CrossFit feeling

Lying face down in the rubber practically begging myself to get back up off the floor, thinking “no more, please no more, I can’t…”.

Yes, that happened during today’s workout. It happened a lot. It was my first proper CrossFit® workout in nearly 18 months, involving burpees and thrusters (of course, Murphy’s Law!).

As I dribbled and weezed onto the ever familiar smell of a CrossFit box’s floor, I asked myself two questions: “why the F am I doing this again?”, and “I wonder what tomorrow’s WOD is?”

It’s been said a million times before and we all know it: burpees really suck. The worst thing you can do is stop at the bottom. Cheek or forehead to ground, you can breathe for the smallest second and it’s oh so tempting to just stay there. And you’ve come to a dead halt, so getting all the way back up to standing is just so much harder.

So why has it taken me this long to get back into it? Well, I made all sorts of excuses (wedding planning, a bad pregnancy, a leg injury and having a baby) but, when it comes down to it, I was pretty comfortable doing what I was doing – personal training, park workouts and swimming. Yes, those sessions would hurt and I would be sore, but it wasn’t a massive push for me. If I’m honest, I knew deep down that going back to CrossFit would hurt, and hurt BAD!

CrossFit feeling new 2

I’m the first to admit I’m not hardcore. Far from it. When I was an avid CrossFitter, I used to absolutely dread the hurting part of it. Some would say all of it hurts, but it’s the severe ‘suck’ – the point where you don’t think you can continue or you’re going to be sick – that’s the worst part.

Many would ask why do it then? And the answer is pretty simple. Because of the feeling we get after a workout like that – a huge sense of accomplishment. It puts a spring in our step for the rest of the day, we’re more positive, we feel better about ourselves, we’re healthier and stronger, we are more able to tackle everyday tasks and just look better, plain and simple. We are fitter, both mentally and physically, to take on the world.

But back to being face down on the floor. Once I’d silenced the doubt in my head, getting up was easier. As any CrossFitter would know, mind over matter is half the battle. Since giving birth, I’ve been active at least five days a week. But none of that comes close to what I felt this morning. There really is nothing like the ‘CrossFit suck’.

There’s also nothing like the variety of a functional fitness workout. Being a qualified personal trainer, coming up with my workouts post-baby has been easy. However, coming up with different stimulus each day, each week and each month has been a challenge. Variety, one key component on which CrossFit® was founded, is key to challenging your body and taking it to the next level. No other training programs compare.

CrossFit community crossfit feeling

There is also nothing like the atmosphere of a CrossFit box. Going in this morning, I was apprehensive and intimidated by all the super fit CrossFit addicts I saw around me. Yes, a long time ago I was probably one of those, but these days I’m just not – so, you could say I was sh*tting myself.

But right away I felt welcomed. Before the session was out I’d met a few people, had been egged on during the workout and had someone help out with showing me where things were kept. I really felt the love.

I was not feeling the love in the days after when severe DOMS set in, but I know that will improve!

And that’s what I’ve missed – that sense of community that is so unique to CrossFit. The suck is worth it, the fellow members are legends and, as corny as this sounds, it was like coming home. Now, if only I could walk down the stairs or sit on the toilet…

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