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Training The Muscle Groups That Are Often Neglected In The Gym

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Most people who frequent the gym often focus on the “A-list” body parts such as the biceps, chest, abs and thighs, as these areas show visible results of one’s hard work. But while we continue to train these areas, some muscle groups get neglected at the gym, and this can result in an unbalanced body and muscle pain. To create a better physique and reduce the risks of sustaining a workout injury, it’s important to be familiar with the muscle groups that are often neglected in the gym, and know the right way to train them for best results.

Serratus anterior

The serratus anterior muscles allow you to extend your reach beyond the reach of your arm. They also play an important role in preventing neck pain and shoulder injuries. If this muscle is weak, it can lead to subacromial bursitis or a torn rotator cuff. After doing posture exercises to relieve neck pain and discomfort such as chin tucks or side-to-side neck tilts, train your serratus anterior by doing planks low on your forearms. While holding the plank position, pull your shoulder blades apart while keeping your spine up; then pull your shoulder blades back together. Do eight reps of this move.

Wrists and forearms

Thinking about doing exercises to strengthen your wrists and forearms may seem quite silly, but strengthening these areas can be an advantage if you want to nail that clean and jerk or deadlift. It may also help to prevent elbow or shoulder pain, which is a common condition among many CrossFitters. Try doing palms-up and palms-down wrist curls, as well as pull ups. You may also grip a pull-up bar and hold on for as long as you can, making sure that your elbows are slightly bent while you do this workout.


Doing lots of thigh exercises won’t matter if you don’t train your calves. Neglecting your calves can result in having skinny legs or “chicken legs,” which plague even the most hardcore of gym goers. Having strong calves can help stabilize your knees when doing high-impact exercises, and it increases your jumping power. To train your calves, do 12 reps of calf raises at the gym, and make sure to stretch your calf muscles throughout the day.

Working out less prominent parts of your body can result in a better physique and prevent pain. Try these workouts to train these often-neglected muscle groups to stay fit, healthy, and injury-free.

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