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Cashews: Health Benefits, Uses and Side Effects


Being one of the most renowned nuts, cashews can be deliberately regarded as a complete human diet due to having a myriad of essential nutrients.  Cashews are rich in minerals like magnesium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium. Moreover, vitamins like B1, B2, and vitamin E are also present in raw cashews, making it one of the most nutritious diets among many other nuts. 

While these nuts can be consumed uncooked, a large majority prefer eating roasted cashews with a bit of sizzling to add up the taste. For those who are diet conscious and always searching for a healthy diet plan, this is certainly the most affordable thing you can add to your daily routine. It is readily available in stores, or you can also buy cashews online at a considerable good price from various online platforms. Considering all the positive aspects of these nuts, it is also essential to highlight the negative aspects— when an excessive amount is consumed daily. With that said, let us dive deeper into the discussion and let us know about the health benefits associated with cashews, their uses, and their side effects.   

Health Benefits of Cashews

Highlighted below are a few health advantages associated with these highly nutritious nuts. You can begin devouring Cashews to get every one of these advantages. Indeed, even in different dishes, you can add Cashews to improve your taste to make your dish more flavorful. 

  1. Cashews Help in Preventing Heart Diseases:

Cashews are an amazing source of dietary fats. These fats are required by the body to ingest supplements like fat-solvent nutrient A, D, E, and K, alongside fundamental unsaturated fats.  These vital nutrients play a significant role in nourishing your mental health and also prevent blood coagulating in your body. 

  1. Cashews fill in as a Cancer Chemopreventive Agent.  

Roasted Cashews contain a variety of antioxidants, for example, “anacardic acids,” “cardols,” and “cardinols.” Therefore, they are quite effective for individuals who are going through tom our therapies. Numerous cancer patients are encouraged to consume ground cashews as they are rich in proteins and other vital antioxidants mentioned here above. 

  1. Cashews improve the production of Red Blood Cells (RBCs)  

Red platelets (RBCs) are the main cells present in the blood as they help transport oxygen from the lungs to the brain and different organs. Cashews are rich in copper, which helps in the digestion of iron, development of RBCs, and works efficiently in keeping your immune system healthy.

  1. Cashews Help in Preventing Diabetes

Roasted Cashews are low in carbs compared to other snacks. This limits cashews’ effect on glucose, making them an extraordinary alternative for those having diabetes, most likely type 2 diabetes. Also, it is a good alternative for individuals who are looking forward to working to prevent diabetes. 

  1. Cashews Help in Weight Loss

Many individuals think that consuming cashews and other nuts may cause you to gain weight. However, the reality is completely different. They can be a good source in your weight loss journey when infused with a proper weight loss program and diet.

A vast majority maintains a strategic distance from nuts when eating fewer carbs and getting in shape since they have such countless calories thus much fat in them. There are around 700 calories and 57 grams of fat in a cup of cashews.

Nonetheless, scientists from the Harvard Medical School report that cashew nuts, and different nuts, are pressed with protein and fats. They contain sound fats and bunches of other significant minerals. A few investigations have proposed that two servings of nuts seven days on normal assists with forestalling weight.  

  1. Eating Cashews Keep Your Skin and Hair 

The presence of fats in the cashew keeps the skin sufficiently hydrated, and the unsaturated fats shield it from maturing. Notwithstanding fats, cashews are likewise an incredible wellspring of copper, which plays a significant part in color creation. They also make your skin and hair glowing and healthy. 

  1. Keeps Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Eating roasted cashews keeps your gums and teeth healthy. Cashews additionally have beneficial outcomes for the oral cavity—their biting causes inordinate spit creation, which kills streptococcal microorganisms in the mouth. Likewise, nuts massage the gums and clean them.

Uses of Cashews 

Cashews are very famous and are utilized while heating food, just as while preparing flavorful dinners. They can be squashed and mixed it up of veggie lover and non-vegan dishes, or can simply be eaten raw, cooked, or potentially with salt. Following are some uses of cashews:

  1. Cashews Can be Used as Midnight Snack

Cashews are not difficult to add to your eating routine. You can eat your cashews raw as well as roasted as they are a perfect snack for your tea time or for your midnight snacking.

  1. Cashews Can Be Used in Different Dishes

Entire or ground cashews can likewise be fused into an assortment of dishes, going from mixed tofu and sautés to soup, plates of mixed greens, and stews.

  1. Cashew Apple

The organic cashew product, otherwise called the cashew apple, helps us against bacterial uses and can treat ulcers in the stomach and gastritis. Since its juice has a high substance of nutrient C, it tends to be utilized to forestall scurvy. A tea made with the juice can likewise treat the looseness of the bowels. It can likewise be utilized to fix thrush in babies. 

Cashew apples are mostly used in South America for making different sauces and curries. They are also used in vinegar and alcohol.

  1. Cashew Oil

 The oil separated from cashew seeds additionally has a lot of employments. It treats broken heels. At the point when cashew seeds are powdered, they can be utilized to fix snake bites as they have an antibody impact. 

  1. Cashew Barks and Leaves

 The cashew bark and leaf can be used in treating diarrhea and colic. The leaf separate likewise assists with lessening glucose levels and pulse. The bark has astringent properties, and an imbuement of the bark can be utilized to treat oral ulcers, sore throat, and even flu. By heating the leaves of the tree in water, you get an antipyretic that can be used to treat throb and agonies everywhere on the body. 

Disadvantages of Cashew Nuts

Cashews are delicious nuts with a sensitive surface, giving a scope of dietary benefit, including nutrients and minerals. Nonetheless, cashews also have some disadvantages. So, let’s look at some of the advantages of cashew.

  • Cashew Can Cause Kidney Stones

 Raw Cashews are wealthy in oxalate salts, which mess with the manner in which calcium is invested in the body. The overabundance of calcium left unabsorbed can lead to kidney stones. 

  • Cashew can cause Allergy.

Most individuals can be oversensitive to cashews nuts. These sensitivities can go from extreme to gentle. One of the hypersensitivities that can be caused is contact dermatitis, which prompts rashes and irritation on the skin when it comes to contact with cashews. A sensitivity to cashews can likewise prompt gastrointestinal uneasiness as queasiness, pain, coughing, and diarrhea.

Numerous people can also have breathing problems if they have an allergic reaction. Notwithstanding, the most critical allergy reaction is Anaphylaxis. It can cause a deficiency of cognizance, boisterous breathing, swelling of the tongue and throat, and even whiteness. It is a condition that positively requires clinical consideration. 

  • Cashews Can Be Poisonous

One of the disadvantages of cashews is that eating raw cashew can be dangerous they are identified with poison sumac and toxin ivy. The oils found on the shells can prompt a bothersome and terrible allergy reaction. Fortunately, DE shelling and afterward roasting cashews at high temperatures annihilates poisonous oils, making them protected to eat.

  • Headaches

Cashews are harmful to those individuals who already suffer from migraines and headaches. The cashew nuts contains phenylethylamine and amino acids. For the most part, they help keep up your circulatory strain levels and cause you to feel better. However, those with sensitivity can encounter headaches and migraines because of the amino acids.  

Final Verdict

Cashews are rich in fiber, protein, and solid fats. They likewise contain different kinds of nutrients, minerals, and wellbeing defensive valuable plant mixes. 

Likewise to nuts, cashews may advance weight reduction, glucose control, and heart wellbeing. You can also add these to your dinners to make them more favorable.

All things considered, there are little drawbacks of eating cashews in excessive amounts.  Make sure to pick unsalted dry, roasted, or raw varieties of cashew, depending on your needs. You can also buy these cashews from different grocery stores or buy them online from a different place in bulk and store them in small containers for future use.

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