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Basketball Hoops vs. Goals – What’s the Difference?

basketball hoops

Love and basketball was one movie that made a lot of girls drool over basketballers. It even spiked their interest in the sport. James Naismith was the inventor of basketball in the US and it’s fun to note that not only did basketball originate in the US, it still remains one of the only major sports to originate from America. Although there has been a lot of back and forth as to who should take the credit for the invention of the sport since James Naismith was actually born in Canada.

The sport came into existence in the year 1981. The inventor was a physical health education teacher in Spring college formerly known as YMCA. James Naismith was a sportsman who was famous for playing rugby. Research has shown that the inventor was inspired by two games namely the Pok a Tok and Tchlatchli which were played by the ancient Mayan and Aztec.

Although, the games listed above made use of heavier balls and a different kind of ring. It also had different rules that make it stand out from the sports called basketball. Another shocking discovery is that even though basketball is a sporting activity, ‘pok a tok and tchlatchli’ involved the loss of human lives. As those who lost were the sacrificial lambs that were offered to the gods. This made the game a very tough battle and was used to settle discord among groups.

Modern-day basketball however is purely a sporting activity even though rival teams sometimes hate on each other, there’s no secret or public sacrifice involved. It’s safe to say, you can jump on any team and support them all the way.

●    Let’s get to know the types of basketball equipment, shall we?

Firstly, there’s no major difference between hoops or goals when basketball is the subject matter. A basketball hoop or goal is basically the orange rim that houses the scores of a particular game. A basketball hoop comprises a rim, net, backboard but no pole. Now the goal is where the players score points which in any case is still the rim.

●    What’s a backboard?

This is a piece of basketball equipment that can be either fan-shaped or rectangular. They can be very expensive or affordable depending on the purchasing power of the buyer. Backboards can be made of smoke tempered glass, fiberglass, perforated aluminum, and steel. It is also worthy of note to state that backboards are not shaped in any specific format. The size that should be bought is dependent on other factors like whether it is going to be used strictly for a college, home, or a public basketball court.

●    Rim

This equipment mostly confuses those who aren’t conversant with the sport as it is sometimes called the hoop or goal. It is the orange ring where the net hangs. There are available options of rims but the portable basketball goal is quite preferable to the heavy ones. Although, this also has its demerits and experts advise that courts, where the aggressive form of this sport would be played, should have double rims that are rooted in the ground.

●    Poles

Also known as post, support structure, or standard. This is because it is the vertical piece attached to the backboard earlier discussed.

●    Extension Arm

This does not move if the hoop is fixed to the group. It is a few inches away from the vertical post.

It is safe to say that only quality pieces of equipment should be bought because it allows for durability. Basketball games always interest people from all works of life. It has become a sport that transcends even in the United States. A survey has revealed that over a hundred countries have their own basketball national team or leagues and a whooping seventy thousand people are estimated to play basketball professionally.

On a lighter note, the basketball court is a hot zone for catching young, tall fine men. The next time you intend to go ‘man haunting’ visit the nearest basketball court and be sure to thank this article later. Professional basketball players are also paid handsomely, which makes the profession one in which a lot of teenagers want to explore.

The world lost one of its famous American basketball players in the year 2020 Kobe Bryant, he died alongside his daughter, who also played basketball for Mamba sports academy. They were mourned by basketball lovers across the globe and would never be forgotten in history. Kobe played for Los Angeles Lakers in the national basketball association.

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