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Top Ten Facts You Didn’t Know About Air Jordan Sneakers

Michael Jordan

When it comes to the Air Jordan shoe history or anything related to pop culture mementos like these shoes, there are some hidden fun facts that many people may not know about. Therefore, the Air Jordan stories are the same. Some untold history and Jordan sneakers, including unusual influences or specific designs, were not in sync with Michael Jordan. People can check out some of the new facts with these ten facts they may not know about the Air Jordan shoes.

People Spotted MJ Wearing the Air Jordan 1 in 1998

In March 1998, at what would possibly be Michael Jordan’s last game, he broke out a pair of OG Air Jordan 1 even as he was on the verge of retiring at Madison Square Garden. When it comes to memories and love from the Knicks sanctuary, LeBron may not be the first player for that. And since MJ first rocked the kicks, he had grown a size. However, he still went ahead to make a new statement in a long career’s historical feats. MJ finished with some sore feet, three steals, six assists, eight rebounds, and 47 points.

When Was the Creation of Jordan Brand?

For the first time, they released the Air Jordan XIII under the Jordan Brand name in 1997. Moore, Strasser, and David Falk had wished for this since the beginning as this was a long time coming. It was finally a decade later. Jordan came into the picture. They brought out the shoes with the Air Jordan and Team Jordans, and for the first time, it was more than the signature shoes.

Why Those Wear Suits Combine it with the Air Jordan XI?

Michael Jordan predicted that the Air Jordan XI would feature smooth patent leather before it ever hit shelves. With the Boyz II Men rocking Concords for the awards show appearance, sneakers enthusiasts saw a sign of something iconic in a sneaker coming. People may not find it on the internet, but it happened. Even without that, many people wear their Air Jordan XIs to weddings.

Against Nike’s Wishes, Jordan Wore the Air Jordan XI

During the 1995 Bulls playoff, Jordan saw the Concord XIs when Tinker unveiled it to him, so he talked about the design. Jordan was quite excited that he went ahead to rock the sneakers, even against Tinker’s wishes, which propelled Nike to release the sample-version design in the season that followed. And by merely holding up a pair on the television, the hype went crazy that the release was complete chaos.

A Lawn Mower Inspired the Air Jordan XI

When Tinker wanted to design Jordans, he drew inspiration from strange places. With the lawnmower and its protective shoes, he got his inspiration which birthed Jordan to date. Since then, several sneakers have had patent leather. However, apart from adding flash, the Air Jordan XI served a functional purpose, like many shoes you can buy online at

The Air Jordan X Was a Bad Design to Michael Jordan

As he was not consulted about the design, Michael Jordan was not happy about the Jordan X design. MJ told Hatfield that he needs to change the design as he doesn’t like it. Hatfield had to add a leather strip across the toe.

On MJ’s First Retirement, Hatfield Continues to Design the Air Jordans

They told Hatfield to move on to new things and abandon Air Jordan even after Jordan wanted to pursue baseball full-time after leaving the NBA. However, Hatfield believed Jordan would continue with the hoops. As such, he refused to retire and continued to design new Air Jordans. People could have forgotten Jordan’s line after the VIII without Hatfield’s belief and passion.

How Bugs Bunny and the Hare Jordan Campaign Happened

People might see the Hare Jordan campaign as a no-brainer, as with any other Air Jordan canon. With 25 different artists, 3,000 separate illustrations, and six months of shooting, the ad cost $1 million without Jordan’s salary.

The Air Jordan VI Injured Jordan, But He Didn’t Care

In the 1991 second game of the NBA Finals against Magic, Jordan suffered an injury, and he responded by telling them he didn’t want any other shoes when asked if he wanted a particular shoe.

The First Basketball Shoe with 3M Was the Air Jordan V

The first basketball sneaker with 3M material was the Air Jordan V. the great Hatfield would make the sneaker look flashier under the strobes and the arena lights with how he designed the tongue. With that, the sneaker was able to satisfy MJ’s rock star-like fame.

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