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Learning the Glide Kip: Gymnastics Tips

The Glide Kip is another way to take yourself from a hanging position in to a front support on top of the bar. Please note this is NOT a Bar Muscle Up.

The Glide Kip has transfer into other skills once you are on top of the bar, it is also great for developing straight arm strength.

In the above video we teach you how to learn the glide kip.

We will break this down in to three sections, Glide, Toes to Bar and Drag/Pull.

Learning the Glide Kip Gymnastics tips

Starting with the Glide – begin with your hands on the bar, feet on a box, maintain a tight hollow body position. Now to complete the glide, slide your feet off the box and glide out to 45 degrees in front of the bar.

Next we look at bringing your toes to the bar. As soon as you reach that 45 degree angle in front of the bar bring your toes to the bar as fast as possible.

Learning the Glide Kip Gymnastics tips

Learning the Glide Kip Gymnastics tips

Finally, the drag. In the drag phase, pull the bar into your shins and thighs to finish in a front support on top of the bar.

If you’re struggling with the final phase of the movement, try to improve by practicing down on the floor using a wooden dowel, and then try to transition back to the bar.

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