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Review: Swift High Performance ‘Re-Charge’ Protein


This week we take a moment to review ‘Re-Charge’ Protein from Swift High Performance Supplements.

Item: Swift Re-Charge
$85 AUD (908g tub) 

Retailer: Swift High Performance Supplements

Functional fitness athletes, just like most fitness enthusiasts, are no strangers to supplements.

Whether it is a CrossFit Games athletes trying to find that ‘edge’ over their rival competitors, or a weekend warrior looking for a way to improve his or her ‘fran‘ time, many often turn to supplements to assist them.

These days you can find all kinds of supplements from lactic acid burners, post-workout drinks, pre-workout drinks, strength boosters, immune boosters, and the list goes on and on.

But it seems many of us, in recent times, have overlooked the importance of one of the most staple supplements: protein!

Walk into any supplement or health store and have a look at how many different types of protein powders there are on the shelves. Trying to find the ‘right’ protein can be an absolute nightmare. Where do you start? What do you look for? What should I avoid?

Of course, each athletes needs differ, but for most CrossFitters, anything made up of high quality proteins and amino acids, that is quickly absorbed and utilised by your body should top the list.

One supplement brand which has generated a name for producing high quality protein in recent times is Swift High Performance.

Swift High Performance initially made a name for itself in the mountain bike industry, but in recent times has had good success in the functional fitness world, with many leading CrossFit gyms and trainers swearing by their products.

I got my hands on a few tubs of Swift’s Re-Charge Protein recently to put it to the test and see if it really is that much better than other protein supplements on the market.

In the following review I detail the good and bad points of Swift High Performance ‘Re-Charge’ Protein, and tell you whether or not I think it is a product worth buying.

swift protein ingredients

The Good

Protein Quality: Unlike many other proteins on the market, Swift High Performance ‘Re-Charge’ Protein uses hydrolyzed whey protein, which is one of, if not, the most expensive source of protein you will find on the markets these days and is also the highest quality of protein available. Hydrolyzed protein provides highly absorbable peptides that can have a great anabolic effect with the highest absorption rate of the proteins available. Basically, it allows your muscles to utilise the protein faster to allow them to recover and grow faster. Studies have also shown that hydrolyzed whey proteins help to increase glycogen stores in the muscle which is essential for power and endurance athletes.

No Misleading Terms: Now i’m no sports scientist, so i’m purely going on my experience with the product and what is written on the product’s label. From what I see Swift High Performance ‘Re-Charge’ Protein use no misleading terms to lure in customers. Some protein brands use terms like ‘whey protein blend’ or ‘100% Hydrolysed whey protein blend’ to make customers think they are buying the top of range protein, when in fact many of them are using cheaper forms of protein as their base. It’s worth while reading the back of each protein brand to see what the breakdown is of the ‘blend’ as it could easily be made up mostly of ‘cheap’ protein. Swift High Performance ‘Re-Charge’ Protein doesn’t come in a ‘blend’ and it’s main source of protein is hydrolysed, meaning you should be getting top of the range quality.

Science: Swift High Performance was founded by a guy called Jarah Breese who specialises in exercise science and is an athlete and trainer himself. Re-Charge is a brainchild of years of research into making one of the leading protein blends to improve athletic performance.

Added Ingredients: As well as hydrolysed protein, Re-Charge also contains advanced leucine and BCAA peptides to promote muscle recovery and growth, as well as colostrum, which isn’t found in too many protein powders. For those who don’t know, colostrum is found in cow and other mammals milk that is used to help new born calves rapidly grow and increase their immune function. Colostrum contains high amounts of amino acids, vitamins and immunoglobulins to accelerate recovery and increase immune function. In addition, it also increases your immune system, making it less likely for you to get sick or catch a flu.

No Banned Substances: Re-Charge contains no banned substances or illegal ingredients for professional athletes, meaning you can take it knowing confidently you won’t test positive during any drug testing.

Taste: Swift High Performance Re-Charge comes in a chocolate flavour which has a nice taste to it. I’m a chocolate lover so naturally i’m going to enjoy the flavour, but I have come across some protein drinks previously which didn’t have a great taste or aftertaste. Thankfully Re-Charge was not one of these brands and the chocolate taste was rather enjoyable.

No Stomach Issues: I have had some issues with a few protein supplements before, where I feel a little bloated after taking it. It’s nothing serious, but I can sometimes feel little bloated when having it straight after a tough workout. Re-Charge seemed to settle well in my stomach and didn’t give me any noticeable increase in digestive problems or bowel problems either.

swift protein

The Bad

Price/Value: A 908 gram tub of Swift High Performance Re-Charge Protein will cost you around $85 AUD. Each tub contains around 20-25 servings, meaning a full time athlete should be able to go through a tub in less than a month. Compared to some other protein powders on the market, $85 AUD for a month’s worth of protein is a bit steep and more expensive than some other brands.

Mixing: Compared to some other protein brands on the market Swift High Performance Re-Charge didn’t mix as well. I often had to shake or stir a little longer to get a decent mixing. Sometimes i’d also find notice a few small pieces of clumped powder at the bottom of my drink. It’s not a big deal for many, but something I thought was worth mentioning.

No Overseas Distributors: At this stage Swift doesn’t have any overseas distributors but it is something they are working on. They do, however, offer overseas shipping meaning you can get your hands on the product anywhere in the world.

Lack of Flavours: At the time of publishing, Swift High Performance Re-Charge Protein was only available in chocolate or honeycomb flavour. While I like both flavours it is a bit annoying for anyone who isn’t a fan of chocolate or honeycomb and don’t have an alternative. The good news is Swift is working on introducing a few more flavours over the next few months due to demand for athletes.


In summary, I had a positive experience while reviewing Swift High Performance Re-Charge Protein.

I enjoyed the taste, didn’t experience any side effects or health issues while taking it, and the ingredients appear to high quality and free from any unwanted chemicals and drugs.

Now i’m no science expert, but from what I do know in the supplements field, Swift High Performance Re-Charge is one of the higher quality proteins available on the market. It uses hydrolyzed whey protein and also comes with colostrum and many other essential amino acids and peptides.

While it may be a little more expensive than some other protein brands available, i’m quite confident you are getting value for money in terms of quality and it is still quite affordable, even for those on a budget.

In terms of what I expect from protein, it ticked all the boxes and i’d have no hesitation in recommending Swift High Performance Re-Charge Protein to others.


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