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Review: The MobilityPack by Fit Factory

The MobilityPack Backpack by Fit Factory 1

This week we take a moment to review the MobilityPack Backpack by Fit Factory Gear.

Item: The MobilityPack Backpack
$145 USD

Manufacturer: Fit Factory
Purchase: FitFactoryGear

I’m not the kind of person who trains well in the morning.

This means I have to fit at least one set of workout clothes and two pairs of shoes into any gym bag I have so I can rush from work to my CrossFit affiliate in the afternoon. This is on top of all the other WOD accessories and necessities I try to fit in there too.

Up until recently I was struggling to get by with a smallish yoga-style bag, which required military precision and planning to pack, but now I’ve switched to the Fit Factory MobilityPack and I haven’t looked back.

Unlike some other gym bags which are designed to be carried over one shoulder, the MobilityPack is a backpack, but offers the same space and accessibility as a regular duffel, which lets me indulge in my shoe love affair and take three pairs to the box.

Sure you could ask what I need them all for, or you could just be impressed that the bag fits all that and conveniently!

I’ve been using the Fit Factory MobilityPack for the past few months and here’s what I think about it:

The MobilityPack Backpack by Fit Factory 1

The Good

It’s a backpack: We all know that backpack’s are better for you to carry because (if you carry them correctly unlike how we all actually do) they spread the load evenly. Plus it’s just more comfortable!

The Pockets: While the MobilityPack may be a backpack, the main pocket unzips in a similar fashion to the good old duffel bag, which means you have access to the whole area for sensible packing, which is so much more convenient than sticking your arm into the murky depths with no knowledge what has gathered at the bottom. Plus, there are plenty of little pockets on the front and top of the bag for the smaller WOD essentials, such as wrist wraps, jump rope and mobility essentials.

Shaker Holder: The drink bottle holder in most backpacks is barely functional, but this one is nice, deep and a snug fit, so there’s no need to stress about losing your shaker or water bottle on your way to the box.

The MobilityPack Backpack by Fit Factory 1

Sturdy Zips: The zips are completely solid. While the bag has plenty of space, I still have an uncanny ability to over-pack, so the main pocket has been a little over-full and the zips have handled it with no problems.

Quality Material: As soon as you touch the bag you can feel the quality of the nylon used. It feels solid and there’s no give in it.

Sooooo much space: I still can’t really get over how much fits in the main 32 litre compartment of this bag. I have my lifting belt, my preferred lifters, sweatpants, a hoodie, my nanos, a pair of shorts, a pair of tights, sports bra and workout top and there’s still space!

The MobilityPack Backpack by Fit Factory 1

The Bad

The shoe ‘pocket’: This isn’t really a pocket. It’s a flap that covers the front of the bag and clips shut at the top and bottom. I like the theory behind it – air gets to your stinky-ass shoes and they’re not so bad anymore. But, I spend more time putting my shoes back in the pocket after they’ve fallen out the sides to be impressed about how they smell. If the main pocket of the bag isn’t completely full there’s nothing holding the shoes in place.

Colour: We CrossFitters have a tendency to be loud – we like bright shorts, socks and tanks with clever slogans, so it would be cool to have that kind of option with the colour scheme for this bag.

Logo Printing: While not a huge issue in terms of quality of the overall product, the printed logos have started to come away from the bag on the side handle which looks a little tacky. 

The MobilityPack Backpack by Fit Factory 1


At the end of the day, I love the MobilityPack.

While the shoe pocket annoys me, it really doesn’t outweigh the positives. I can actually fit all my crap in one bag and it means when I’m walking in and out of the box I’m not trying to juggle a pair of shoes in one hand, my wallet, keys and phone in the other with a duffel falling off my shoulder.

Well done Fit Factory!


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