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Review: Datsusara Light Gear Bag

Datsusara Light Gear Bag

Datsusara Light Gear Bag

This week, we take a moment to review the Datsusara Light Gear Bag.

Item: Datsusara Light Gear Bag
Price: $100 USD 
Manufacturer: DSGear

As someone who trains out of a Globo Gym, I need a bag big enough and functional enough to carry everything I need on a daily basis.

Unlike those who train out of a CrossFit affiliate and have all the equipment they need at their disposal, I have to be prepared to create my own gym wherever I go. And that means carrying a lot of functional fitness equipment!

After numerous sessions inside my gym, I started to become frustrated not being able to train with rings or having bands for dynamic days. So, I started to look for a bag that was stylish and space-efficient enough for me to use on a daily basis.

The task was always going to be tough, especially as I was after a bag that could carry the following:

My CrossFit Equipment

My CrossFit Equipment

Two pairs of Invo-8 230’s
Pair of Vibrams
8 sets of bands
Two pairs of Lifting Straps
Water Bottle
Olympic Lifting Shoes
AB Wheel
Gymnastic Rings
Training Journals
Wrist Wraps
Skipping rope

I checked out my local sporting good stores, searched online and asked my training mates for advice, but I still couldn’t find a bag that suited my needs. Somehow, I stumbled across DSGear.

After reading several reviews online and finding out more about the company products, I thought I’d try to brand and purchased the Light Gear Bag (LGB). A couple of days later the bag arrived neatly on my doorstep, packed and wrapped in plastic.

Olympic Rings in my Datsusara Light Gear Bag

Olympic Rings in my Datsusara Light Gear Bag

The Good

Super Spacious Design: I was after a bag that could carry everything I need, and this bag does exactly that. The LGB is one of the smaller designs in the Datsusara range, but is definitely space efficient and perfect for anyone with a lot of gym gear. It has multiple pockets so you know don’t have to mix and match all your gear, and everything is easily accessible.

Very Breathable: The bag is made from hemp material, which is not only nice looking, but also extremely breathable. This will prevent your bag from smelling too bad and will keep your equipment fresh and safe.

Strong and Sturdy Design: The bag is made with excellent stitching that is doubled and tripled at times. It also has a water resistant outside coating and has never looked like ripping or tearing.

The Zips: I know it’s a small thing, but I’m a sucker for good zips. I love being able to open and close my gym bag with ease and not have to struggle, and get frustrated, when one gets stuck. The Datsusara Light Gear Bag comes with smooth zippers that match the bag colour, and are sturdy, long and easy to hold onto.

Slick Design: The Datsusara LGB is also pretty good on the eye. The smooth black design is not only efficient, but also attractive. The hemp material gives it an edgy feel and it’s also very comfortable to carry, even with a fair bit of weight inside it.

Datsusara LGB: Side View

Datsusara LGB: Side View

The Bad

Velcro Pockets: The bag comes with a few velcro pockets at the front, and if i was to change one thing, I would make them zip pockets instead. I like to know my gear is secure and prefer zips over velcro.


I have tested this bag under heavy loads, and put everything I had inside the bag and carried it around. It responded well. The Hemp material allows this bag to be more flexible and not so bulky and hard like the nylon bags. The Datsusara Light Gear Bag moulds around you, which is perfect.  Even under heavy loads it’s easy to carry and still lies flat.

At its current price point of $100 I also think the bag is a bargain, and it also came with a free ‘Nasty Bag’ as a bonus, which I thought was awesome. Some of the other gym bags at the local stores were much more expensive and didn’t offer nearly as much as what DSGear Bags offer.

Review by CC.


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