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2012 CrossFit Games Open: Who’s Leading the ‘Other’ Divisions?

CrossFit Games Masters Event

CrossFit Games Masters Event

There’s only one week left of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open and so far all the talk has been about the top male, female and team performers around the world.

Heading into workout 12.5, I thought I’d take the opportunity to touch on some of the other divisions in this years event:

Master Men 45-49

CrossFit veteran Jerry Hill leads this division after finishing 1st, 4th, 4th and 3rd in the workouts so far. Remarkable, if he was competing in the Open, he would be well inside the top 60 in his division (Mid Atlantic), and on track to qualify for the Regional’s.

The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper also finds himself in this category but will need something special to qualify, sitting in 177th position overall.

Master Women 45-49

North West’s Janice Spray is the co-leader in this division, tied with Amy Mandelbaum from the North East. Just like Jerry Hill, both would be inside the top 60 in their respected divisions if they were competing in the Open.

Lisa Mikkelsen is one point behind them, after posting two top scores so far this Open.

Master Men 50-54

Canadian Gord Mackinnon leads this division heading into the final workout. The 53 year old is a fair bit ahead of Brian “Brig” Edwards in second spot, with Jay Thomas rounding out the top three.

Master Women 50-54

Mary Beth Litsheim leads the division after posting top ten scores for the past four weeks. Elaine Polito and Bonnie Lyn are close behind.

Master Men 55-59

The workout scores can be misleading in this section, with the WOD’s scaled down for athletes over 55 years old. After week four Richard Roston from Canada West lads the field, with Denny Hawkins and John Lugg rounding out the top three.

Master Women 55-59

Marilou Seiff leads this division, with Lidia Beer in second place. North California’s Marnel King is in third place after posting the best score of the week, being the only athlete in the field to pull out a muscle up in workout 12.4.

Master Men 60+

60 year old Scott Olson is in number one spot after scoring the best score in the division for the past two weeks. Clarke Holland and Ronn Gellis are in second and third place respectively.

Master Women 60+

For the third week in a row Sue Steinhauer scored the best score, and the 62 year old has now opened a small buffer to second place getter Kristine Sessions. Betsy Finley from Central East is in third place.

To follow all leadboards’ live, head to the CrossFit Games website by clicking here

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