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2012 CrossFit Games Open: Week Four Wrap

2011 CrossFit Champion Annie Thorisdottir

2011 CrossFit Games Champion Annie Thorisdottir

Workout 12.4 of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open has been one of the toughest for the 60,000 plus competitors with arguably the most grueling WOD so far. ‘Karen’ is hard enough, let alone when it is transformed into a 12 minute AMRAP.

Only 45 men and one woman managed to get through a full round of 150 wall balls, 90 double unders and 30 muscle ups. Neal Maddox was the week’s standout performer, getting 53 wall balls into a second round.

In terms of the leaderboards’, there haven’t been too many changes. Kristan Clever holds onto the number one spot for the fourth week straight, while Rich Froning Jr. heads the men’s comp yet again.

The biggest mover has been Josh Golden, who was sitting in second spot after week three. Golden, who started CrossFit just one year ago, showed his first sign of weakness this Open, scoring just 255 reps in workout 12.4. He has now slid all the way to 85th overall.

The 29 year old has been the Cinderella story over the past four workouts, but as predicted by2008 CrossFt Games winner Jason Khalipa earlier this week, his lack of experience would eventually catch up with him (although 255 reps in this workout is still very respectable).

Here’s a quick look at where some of the other big names sit after workout 12.4:

Men’s Comp

Chris Spealler at the 2010 CrossFit Games

Chris Spealler at the 2010 CrossFit Games

Rich Froning Jr. (2011 CrossFit Games Champion) – 1st place, 309 reps in workout four

Dan Bailey (2011 open winner) – 4th, 265

Jason Khalipa (2008 Champion) – 10th, 297

Pat Barber (4th 2008) – 16th, 277

Rob Forte (3rd Australia 2011) – 22nd, 264

Chris Spealler (3rd 2010) – 23rd, 291

Ben Smith (3rd 2011) – 29th, 287

Blair Morrison (5th 2011) – 94th, 258

Matt Chan (4th 2010) – 103rd, 264

Graham Holmberg (2010 Champion) – 120th, 283

Tommy Hackenbruck (2nd 2009) – 705th, 270

Women’s Comp

Kristan Clever (2010 CrossFit Games Champion) – 1st place, 270 reps in workout four

2011 Australian Winner Amy Dracup

2011 Australian Winner Amy Dracup

Julie Foucher (5th 2010/11) – 2nd, 261

Annie Thorisdottir (2011 Champion) – 5th, 256

Rebecca Voigt (3rd 2011) – 8th, 264

Christy Phillips (6th 2010) – 20th, 258

Amy Dracup (2011 Australian winner) – 31st, 261

Annie Sakamoto  (9th 2011) – 88th, 259

Tanya Wagner (2009 Champion) – 148th, 252

Caity Matter Henniger (2008 Champion) – 583rd, 240

In our ‘celebrity’ section, The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper struggled with muscle ups, and was stranded on 240 reps. Fitness Lonnie did slightly better, pulling out 11 muscle ups to post 251 reps.

2008 Olympic gold medalist Anna Tunnicliffe put in another good performance with 244 reps and now sits 16th overall in the South East region.

MMA fighter Dustin Winterhalt is also on track to qualify for the CrossFit Games Regional’s, sitting 19th overall in the Central East region after pulling out 268 reps.

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