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2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open: 12.4 Final Results

The end of day four brings us to the end of week four of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open. After a full round of Karen or 150 wall balls, 90 double unders and 30 muscle ups there will be many a sore legs over the next few days.

As we have seen every week at this time, there was shake up with both the women’s and teams leaders being replaced overnight. Rich Froning Jr. however was unmovable and maintained his top spot as we move into week five.

Here is where stand at the end of four, 12pm AEST, 6pm Pacific Time.

Reebok CrossFit Games Open 12.4 Day 4 Women 12.4 final results

2012 CrossFit Games Open 12.4 Day 4 Women’s Leaderboard

As she has been doing all Open long, Kristan Clever waited until the last day to submit her score. Although it is a strategy that seems to be working: out of the last four workouts she has placed 1st in all but one. Her score of 270-reps meant she not only scored 1st in this event but now sits in 1st place overall. The next closest score to Clever was 266-reps, which was achieved by Michele Letendre who takes out 7th place.

Coming in 2nd is none other than the consistent Julie Foucher (261-reps) who has managed to stay in the top ten with three of her four workouts. Behind her and in 3rd is Andrea Ager with 257-reps.

The top ten is now flooded with well know names such as Annie Thorisdottir (256-reps) in 5th, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (264-reps) in 6th and Rebecca Voigt (264-reps) in 8th. Rounding out the top is Ashley Carriveau with 258-reps.

Reebok CrossFit Games Open 12.4 Day 4 Men's

2012 CrossFit Games Open 12.4 Day 4 Men’s Leaderboard

As mentioned no one was able to dethrone 2011 Games champ, Rich Froning Jr. and at the end of week 4, he still sits in 1st place overall. The only person to beat him in this workout was Neil Maddox with his spectacular 323-reps placing him 7th.

Overnight Sean Thomson reposted his score, increasing it from 264-reps to 290. That pushes him up from 3rd yesterday to 2nd today. Kenneth Leverich score of 290-reps was good enough for him to now take out 3rd.

Last years Open winner, Dan Bailey is now in 4th with 265-reps, while Jason Khalipa (297-reps) rounds out the top ten.

Reebok CrossFit Games Open 12.4 Day 4 Teams

2012 CrossFit Games Open 12.4 Day 4 Teams Leaderboard

Yesterday’s leader RAW Training has been pushed out of the top ten altogether and is now  in a four-way tie for 93rd place. Their drastic slide down the leader board shows you just how much movement there was in the last 24-hours.

In first place today is last weeks leader, Valley CrossFit (1565-reps), followed once again by Brick Nation (1574-reps) in 2nd.

Front Range CrossFit is in 3rd while this week’s highest team score of 1583-reps from NorCal CrossFit places them in 8th.

Australian powerhouse, Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne (1565-reps) are now in 9th while QCCF Awesome made their way into 10th with 1530-reps

There is only one week to go in this year Reebok CrossFit Games Open before we move on to the Regionals. Only time will tell if the names that are appearing here at the end of four will be there next week.

For any last minute changes make sure you check the Games Leaderboard here.

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