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Proven Ways to Prevent and Treat Gynecomastia


The best fun fact that you will ever hear, in case you didn’t know this before now, is that men and women possess breast glands, the reason men’s own is not noticeable is that they are undeveloped and relatively small. And there are usually exception cases for men having showy boobs, jocularly called ‘man boobs’ but medically named Gynecomastia.

What is Gynecomastia?

People usually misconstrue gynecomastia as a defect for men with too much weight. Still, the truth is an unwanted enlargement of male breast tissue affects males of all ages, from newborns, adolescent boys, and older men. Also, the root cause for man boobs is an imbalance in sex hormones, testosterone, and estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone that makes breast tissue grow, but it is latent in men, while testosterone is the hormone that stops or limits the growth of breast tissue in men, which the gender has in abundance. But, if it turns out that the estrogen dominates the testosterone in men, then it could lead to a mild or severe case of Gynecomastia.

How to Prevent Gynecomastia

It has been detected that males (between 50-80) going through puberty (starting from 14 years) have a high percentage of body fat or battling with health conditions (liver or kidney failure, trauma, tumors, hyperthyroidism, testes disease) are susceptible to Gynecomastia.

If you are reading this and don’t want to end up like these men with severe health conditions that led to them having man boobs, you can easily prevent it by following the proven ways listed below.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Alcohol intake has a way of damaging your well-being in the short or long run. How? Too much alcohol intake damages your liver, a vital organ that helps you to break down harmful substances in your body. Also, alcohol could damage your kidney or cause prostate inflammation, making you the perfect candidate for developing man boobs. Hence, limit your alcohol intake to avoid multiple health conditions.

Take Note of Your Medications And Avoid Abusing Drugs

Do you know that drugs like heroin, methadone, marijuana, steroids, and amphetamines increase the chances of developing man boobs? Yes, it does, which gives you the perfect excuse to stay clear off of them. Not only that, take caution in using medications and products that have plant oils, as they could increase your chances of having man boobs. Lavender oil or tea tree oil can affect estrogen levels in your body, so note the soaps, lotion, and shampoos that you use.

Eat Healthy Enough and Increase Iodine Intake

Nutritionists have recommended that an increase in iodine intake is required for the thyroid to produce hormones that could prevent you from having Gynecomastia. But you need to check your iodine level before you increase the diet. Also, you must eat food that green lights your daily caloric intake. This is an excellent way to prevent man boobs when you cut back on junk foods (a recipe for developing too much weight) and only focus on healthy meals. 

Make Lifestyle Changes

Take note excess fat tissue can produce estrogen, which is why you need to make lifestyle changes that help you maintain a good physique and healthy diet intake. And make exercising a priority for yourself as it keeps you in shape when you burn excess fat with cardio.

Proven Ways to Treat Gynecomastia

However, if it turns out you end up with man boobs after all, here are proven ways to help you get rid of it.

Corrective Surgery

Many people prefer the most logical and permanent solution to treating health or body problems, and for man boobs, it is corrective surgery. Not minding the type of Gynecomastia you have, cosmetic surgery can help you get rid of it. You can choose between liposuction, which can be used to remove breast fat, or mastectomy, which is a procedure to take out breast gland tissue. These surgeries are recommended by experts, especially as a last resort to gynecomastia patients that have tried out other options or are having depressive thoughts about their health due to how the man’s boobs have disfigured their body physique.

Taking Medication

Taking medications is another treatment route that doctors highly recommend. In a situation where you got man boobs by using specific medicines or products, you can consult with your doctor, who will recommend another one that you can switch to, which will counteract it and return your body to normal. Also, medical personnel usually recommend testosterone therapy as one of the best solutions to help men correct their gynecomastia conditions. The doctor can place you on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) which involves using patches, skin gels, or injections that can boost your testosterone levels to counteract the high estrogen causing man boobs.


Change Your Diet

You can change your ways and start eating a balanced diet because you do not need to use the gym to lose weight, making the corrective medication you are placed on work better. You can do it with healthy or dietary eating. Nutritionists are famous for recommending that obese men go on a dietary journey to improve their body and lose weight, only if that does not get rid of the man boobs. They recommend other viable treatment options to get rid of it.

Intense Exercise

Yes, another way to get rid of your man boobs is to go the fitness route. Disciplined exercising as a way of improving body physique, even you can testify to it with before. After pictures of obese people, you see on social media where they are spotting six-packs abs. 

However, you do not need to have a gym registration before you exercise your body as aerobic exercises like brisk walking, jogging, swimming, skating, dancing, rowing, skipping and push-ups are perfect workout routines you can do in your backyard, living room, or around your neighborhood.

There you have it. Even if developing a man’s boobs is your fault, you can treat it and get back to your everyday life while continually sticking to a routine that will help you prevent it from occurring again.

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