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Love Online Gaming? Consider your Diet and Fitness Levels

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These days most people are fully aware of how their diet and fitness levels can affect them. Eating a poor diet can lead to many health problems in the short term and in later life. A lack of exercise can lead to weight gain, increased blood pressure, and heart disease.

When a hobby becomes so all-consuming it is possible to neglect other areas of life, including health and diet. One area where this is especially concerning is video gaming. In 2020 when the pandemic was announced, more people than ever started playing video games, either solo or online.

There are more than 2.8 billion people playing video games of some description now. These include mobile device apps, PC and console games, bingo, poker, and time-consuming online shooters and RPGs. 

When these gaming sessions become intensive, it is easy for gamers to lose track of time and neglect their own well-being. Here is how gamers can look after themselves more and still enjoy their favorite games. 

Why do gamers need to be fit and eat well?

Some gaming sessions can go on for hours. For some this means sitting in a darkened room, focusing on a screen for a very long time. This also means that basic functions such as drinking and eating are overlooked, or replaced with poor options.

Without stereotyping too much, some gamers have been known to use energy drinks to fuel while gaming and food options tend to be processed, such as pizza. Gamers need to be able to be alert and focus to be successful, and this is at odds with eating a poor diet and leading a sedentary lifestyle. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, everyone should get at least 150 minutes of moderate cardio a week or half of this time for a more vigorous workout. The health benefits are fairly obvious, but for gamers, exercise can help in other ways too. 

Exercise to be a successful gamer

McGill University performed some research into the activities of video gamers. They found that even a 15-minute exercise session meant that the player performed better afterward.

Some light exercise can help get the circulation going which leads to more oxygen and nutrients reaching the brain. This can help with performance in all manner of games from shooters to marathon poker sessions in online gaming sites such as Energy Casino. In fact, poker players are another group of players who need to look at their fitness levels and diet.

Not only is exercise important before gaming, but during the game session too. Poker players can be at the table for hours as can video gamers. It is important to take breaks and take a walk around even if it is indoors. Stretching can be helpful too. These breaks will help the mind and body to rebalance and recover and will help with improved performance. 

How can gamers become more focused?

Gamers need to concentrate for lengths of time, this is true if the player is in a casino or online at the poker table. FPSs such as Fortnite demand concentration, and the player may stay online for hours at a time.

There are some handy ways to boost the brain’s performance, and perhaps surprisingly drinking water is one of the best. Many people look at caffeinated drinks, supplements, or sugar-laden energy drinks to keep playing, but water is perhaps the best option.

It has been said that the majority of Americans are dehydrated most of the time. Water is needed to keep humans alive, but gamers need to stay on top of this area to play at their best. Dehydration can cause stress and anxiety, along with poor response times, memory problems, and decreased levels of concentration.

Seeing as reaction times, short-term memory, and good concentration skills are necessary to gamers, it is clear why water is the best drinking option. 

How should video gamers eat?

With eSports starting to become big, it is becoming more normal for gamers to consider their diet more. In the past, gaming consisted of playing solo, with a friend, or joining others online for fun and bragging rights. Nowadays, there is big money at stake and so many players take their games more seriously.

Diet is an important aspect of any gamers lifestyle, and the home enthusiast could take a leaf out of the professional’s eating habits. These days it is not unknown to read about eSports’ professionals eating a diet consistent with athletes.

Fatty fish such as salmon, poultry, fruit, veg, and whole grains are perfect for a gamer. When it comes to snacks, pizza and other processed food should be pushed aside in favor of blueberries, nuts, fruit, and vegetables.

For a change from water, gamers can try homemade smoothies. These have the benefit of not only being fresh and free of any nasties, but they also require the gamer to walk away from the screen for a few minutes to prepare the drink. 

Alcohol and fizzy drinks should be avoided or moderated

When it comes to the classic image of a poker session, there is likely to be a bottle of Jack Daniel’s or another alcoholic drink on the table. These days gamers may be more likely to drink energy drinks or try other supplements. 

Some people look for the best physical and mental enhancement supplements and try out caffeine pills, and energy drinks. But, they may have the opposite effect of that which is desired.

Alcohol can impair judgment and reaction times. It can fog the mind and lead to poor decisions. Energy drinks can certainly give an individual a boost, but when they crash they will experience fatigue, mood swings, and lose alertness. 


For a gamer, following a regular program of cardio, each week will help them to not only stay healthy but also perform better on the screen. Healthy snacks can help avoid putting on weight while spending hours sitting down. Water can help with concentration. Moving about and stretching will help avoid fatigue and keep the circulation going.

Video games are supposed to be enjoyable. By combining a healthy level of exercise and a balanced diet, they can be enjoyed without increasing any health risks.

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