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On the Road to Fitness: Items to Help Supplement Your Crossfit Routine

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CrossFit definitely has its share of fans around the world, including international sports stars, movie stars and plenty of political leaders as well. If you’ve chosen CrossFit as your method to attain your fitness goals, it’s important to be aware of helpful tips that benefit you.

CrossFit by itself is already an effective way to work out and train. But if you’re not near a CrossFit affiliate, or stuck at home and unable to get to a gym to train, it’s good to have a few things around the house to help you get in a functional fitness workout.

Here’s a look at some home exercise equipment that can help supplement your CrossFit routine:

Wearable Tech Gadgets

Fitness often involves keeping track of your vitals in order to understand which exercises work and which need further tweaking. A good way of helping you with that endeavour is through wearable technology as a fitness tracker. Tracking your heartbeat, breathing, and even your sleep patterns help you determine your physical progress, according to the findings of the Heart Foundation. All you’ll have to do is to find one that fits your lifestyle needs like a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or even a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Assault AirBike

Aside from gymnastics and weightlifting, CrossFit training involves a lot of cardio. One of the best cardio workouts you’ll get inside a CrossFit gym is on the Assault AirBike. According to a study conducted by Better Health, cycling at home is a low-impact exercise that is effective in boosting your stamina and strength. The Assault AirBike is great and is forces you to use your arms and legs while ‘cycling‘ giving you similar benefits of cycling. There are many other great fitness bikes you can use. However, before picking the right one for you, it’d be smart to do your homework; the roundup on Home Fitness Journey can help you make the right decision.

assault airbike

Medicine Balls

Fitness at home doesn’t always have to involve costly equipment. A good example of this would be the medicine ball. CrossFit requires a strong sense of balance and that will need work. A medicine ball can help you build on your balance and even your coordination. Incorporating the use of a medicine ball gets your body used to movements that strengthen muscles related to balance like legs and hips. Medicine balls are also great to help warm up, stretch and ensure your muscles are ready for training. Keeping your CrossFit injury rate down should be one of your priorities and items like medicine balls certainly help.

Plyometric Boxes

A CrossFit routine often involves jumping and squats and this is something that you will need to work on. A plyometric box can help supplement your CrossFit by providing you an accessible platform for practise. You can work on your joint strength and your hip extensions which are all conducive to a more productive CrossFit workout session later on. It is also safer for you to get an actual plyometric box rather than piling things on top of each other. Always remember to incorporate an element of safety in your fitness routines.

Attaining your fitness goals doesn’t have to be complicated; especially, when you’re doing CrossFit. Finding items and exercise equipment to help supplement your chosen routine helps gear you toward success. After all, surrounding yourself with the necessary equipment helps to shore up your chances of sticking and succeeding with your CrossFit routine.

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