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John’s Winter Wonderland CrossFit Open 12.1 Attempt

The Rx Review Reebok CrossFit 12.1 Attempt

John attempting the CrossFit 12.1 Open Workout in Austria

The other day one of our writers John, contacted me and advised me he would not be able to compete in this year’s CrossFit Open because he was travelling around Europe. With the excitement of all his travels, finding an affiliate and or filming the workouts was going to be a hard task. I could understand he wanted to do what most of us do while on vacation and kick back and relax.

A day after workout 12.1 was released I spoke to John and he told that despite the fact he had not registered for the Games, the excitement of it all meant he had already tried the workout and complete 101 burpees. From what he said the hardest part about it all was finding a place to do it.

John is in Austria at the moment and besides the cold snap that has affected much of Europe, the area of Austria he is in has also been hit with several snowstorms. Eager to give the workout a try, John finally found a suitable place to complete it. As he said, “the hardest part was the fact I didn’t have any mats or something to cushion my chest. I did it in an underground car park on a pure concrete floor because I was able to mark off the 6-inch height. Yet after the first rep I realized this was probably not the smartest idea. Besides the concrete floor freezing my hands, by the time I did my third rep I knew this was going to be painful on my chest. At the 50 rep mark my chest was so sore I was in a bit of pain.”

In any event I thought breaking the 100+ was an achievement within itself, especially considering John did it in a car park. Sarcastically, I told him he should give it another go although this time get some towels or matting for his chest. “Imagine if you had had some padding how many reps you could of accomplished,” I said to him? You could almost hear his mind ticking over when he replied, “I guess I could give it another try.” Knowing John is a huge [Fitness Lonnie] fan I said to him, “C’mon mate what would fitness Lonnie do?” We chuckled to ourselves when he replied, “ha ha. Fitness Lonnie would probably not only do it again but do it outside in the snow.” I laughed and said it was a great idea although this time he should film it. We ended our conversation and I thought nothing of it.

Then earlier this morning I received the link to John’s unofficial CrossFit Games 12.1 winter wonderland burpee workout.

I have to say, John I really did not think you would do it but I’m impressed to say the least! As Fitness Lonnie would say, “Let’s get it!” or really “You go it!” This was so impressive I thought our readers at The Rx Review should check it out.

Personally, I love John’s measurement of the 6-inches in the sky. Despite the fact Adrian Bozman would probably no rep all but one of his burpees I still think it was a gallant attempt.

Check out his video below.

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