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2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open: 12.1 Final Results

At the close of day four of the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open the results are in for 12.1. We should say at the outset that we had to delay our initial report of the final results for several hours in order to allow for any last minute scores to be uploaded to the leader board. After contacting CrossFit HQ earlier today, they stated to us that the leader board was, “not yet final as affiliates validate scores, more performances will appear.”

So despite the fact we are reporting these results as final at 7pm Sydney time and just after midnight Pacific Time there is a chance one or two surprising results may still come through.

In any event, here are the results at the close of day-four bringing event 12.1 to a close.

Reebok CrossFit Open 12.1 Women's Leader Board Day 4

CrossFit Open 12.1 Women’s Leaderboard Day 4

Jolene Grant, who was yesterday sitting at the top of the women’s leader board with 136 burpees, has today dropped to a tied in sixth place, alongside Autumn Spence.

The four-way, ninth place tie of yesterday’s top ten with 132-reps has been replaced with a six-way tie for eighth position. That is held by Denae Brown, Madelyn Curley, Julie Foucher, Megan John, Annie Sakamoto and Linda Thomas all with 135-repetitions.

Today’s first place goes to the 2010 CrossFit Games Champion and the 2011 runner-up, Kristan Clever with an amazing 143-repetitions. Andrea Ager follows her in second place with a score of 141. Taking out third is a two-way tie with both Jenn Chailler and Barbara Salas on 140 burpees.

Reebok CrossFit Open Mens 12.1 Leader Board Day 4

CrossFit Open Men’s 12.1 Leaderboard Day 4

To the men’s division: While there was little change in the last few days with both Drew Mckenzie (158-reps) and Travis Page (154-reps) holding onto the top two places for the better half of two days, overnight the leader board has seen a shift in the overall standing. Mckenzie now sits in third place while Travis Page in fourth.

First place today goes to Scott Panchik and Danila Shokhin. Both men knocked out an astonishing 161 burpees in the seven-minute time frame and are now the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games 12.1 leaders.

Yesterdays four way tie for ninth place at 144-reps is today replaced by another four-way tie for eighth. Sebastian Langvad, Nikoli Martindale, Jonas Muller and Jarett Perelmutter all round out the top ten with 147-reps.

Reebok CrossFit Open 12.1 Teams Leader Board Day 4

CrossFit Open 12.1 Team Leaderboard Day 4

The Teams division also saw an overnight change to the leader board. Yesterday, RCF Honey Badgers held first place with 754-reps. Despite the slight increase in their score to 757, today they dropped down to sixth position.

746-reps was the minimum required repetitions to make today’s final top ten, a score that was achieved by CrossFit Integrity who now sits in tenth place.

Brick Nation secured the coveted first place position on the leader borad for workout 12.1 and were the only team in the world to break the 800 mark. They finished with a total burpee count of 819. Valley CrossFit took out second with 788-reps, followed by Schwartz CrossFit Melbourne who managed to push themselves up the leader board, from fifth yesterday to third place today with 781-reps.

It has been an extraordinary battle with people and teams achieving startling numbers. The good news is we are only just getting started and workout 12.2 will be released once again in four-days time. So rest up, stay focused and most importantly stay tuned for regular updates.

Enjoy some much-needed r and r!


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