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Interview: Carin Smith Producer “Box of Salvation”

Cheryl Nasso Box of Salvation

Cheryl Nasso Box of Salvation

Yesterday I had the privilege of interviewing Carin Smith, one of the producers of the film, Box of Salvation. Carin is part of a husband and wife duo from 8th Avenue Studios, who recently filmed a documentary on the life of Cheryl Nasso, who made it to the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games, becoming the 40th fittest woman on earth.

Cheryl Nasso Box of Salvation

Cheryl Nasso during her eating disorder

The film details the story of how the 5-foot-4 Cheryl Nasso “struggled with an eating disorder for five years. At her worst she was 85 pounds, exercising up to six hours a day, and living on just 400 calories. Her health declined to the point that she was admitted to hospital, and then spent four months in rehab. That was 2009. Just two years later, she found herself travelling to California to compete in the Reebok CrossFit Games.”

Carin met Cheryl back in 2007 when she was working as a fitness instructor at a local globo gym. Carin was taking some of Cheryl’s classes at the time but says she quickly noticed there was a problem. Cheryl “was so thin” and it was clear she “was in the throws of the eating disorder.” The issue was so severe that Carin stopped taking her classes as Cheryl “had dropped up to 85 or 90 pounds and was just emaciated.”

Cheryl Nasso 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games

Cheryl Nasso Competing at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games

Several years would pass before some of Carin friends opened a local box, CrossFit Fort Pierce. Then one day Carin walked into the gym and “there was Cheryl, healthy and super good at CrossFit and was about to start the Open.”

Being that both Carin and her husband are filmmakers, when Carin’s husband heard about Cheryl, he thought it was such an amazing story they decided to make the documentary. That was in April of 2011, and the film has just come to a wrap.

Carin and Bryan Smith Producers Box of Salvation

Carin and Bryan Smith Producers Box of Salvation

Both Carin and her husband Bryan are now taking their movie to a variety of film festivals across the country and this is where they need your help. Anyone who has heard of big budget films that cost millions of dollars to produce was not thinking of Box of Salvation. As Carin says, “we did the documentary on no budget. Kickstarter will help us recoup some of that. It will also help us take it to some of the film festivals that we have to travel to and pay to submit [the film].”

For those that are unfamiliar with Kickstarter it is an online resource that allows artists, filmmakers, musicians, and a host of other individuals to apply for funds from the general public to help support their projects. Those applying for funds choose a deadline and a target of minimum funds to be raised.

In this instance, Box of Salvation is trying to secure $7,000 of which they have already raised $4,650, from 59 backers. No one is charged the funds until they reach their target. If however they fail to reach the goal in the allotted timeframe none of the funds pledged will be rewarded to them, making it just that little more difficult for the filmed to be released.

Anyone who pledges will be rewarded with a variety of options depending on how much you donate. Stickers, limited edition DVD’s, t-shirts and getting your name in the film with a “special thanks” in the credits, are all on offer to those who contribute.

The film has until Saturday March 17, 9:17pm EDT to secure the remaining funds. Kickstarter accepts contributions from as little as a dollar, so if you are interested in supporting this project check out the links below because with 18-days remaining, time is ticking away.

-Box of Salvation Kickstarter

-Box of Salvation Website

8th Avenue Studios Twitter

In the meantime take a moment to watch the trailer.



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